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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Ladies, if you ever see me have a bad day (like I somewhat had yesterday) or look super depressed or in a bad mood… there are always two drinks that can instantly cheer me up:

1) Ten Ren Jasmine Green Tea.

This little drink pretty much made my entire day’s “crap sundae” of physical pain, emotional stress, and a bunch of other things go away after one sip. Thank you Ten Ren.. you’ve always been there for me LOL.


Ohhhh yes. You know what this is. If you hate this coffee, then I hate you. LOL just kidding. Or am I? People who know me or are close to me should know that I truly do dislike coffee. Not because I think it tastes bad, but because I believe it’s bad for me, since I already have enough trouble really sleeping on time hahah. UCC on the other hand, I can never turn away from. I always keep my mini fridge here at the office STOCKED with UCC and Green Tea, and oh boy has that come in handy, as it did this morning by shot-gunning a can of UCC before getting onto my grind.

Thank You. You two could end wars from the happiness you bring upon people.

Ladies, hope you took notes =)

– Chaz


So once again, been too busy to really update this beehatch as often as I’d like lol. But of course, had to take time out of my schedule just to say Happy Birthday to my boy Mike Yanase! Happy Birthday homie, call me up this weekend and I’ll treat you to dinner!

You my boy Mike!

– Chaz

As stated in my very first post when I started this madness, I am absolutely crazy about Thai food and spicy food in general. Seeing as how I haven’t touched the stuff yet this week, I was craving it badlyso I headed out to The Boat in Rowland Heights. Now then, this is one of my favorite food joints in the area, and I’m sure many of you have already been there before, or still go religiously like I do (yea I’m a loser =( leave me alone!). If that’s not the case, I would suggest you stop reading now, and go grab a few dishes. I don’t care if you already ate, are on a diet, or just too lazy to drive.. shuttup and go =). But if not, luckily I had my camera with me, so I decided to share one of my favorite Thai dishes with you all: Pad See Ew. Nothing more than soft rice noodles stirfry’d with chinese broccoli, egg, and meat of your choice, it’s tame enough that anyone new to Thai food can enjoy the dish.

The Boat!

Lots of tables = no wait time!

Three things that make me happy: Hot Chili Sauce, Pad See Ew, and a nice cold Thai Iced Tea =)

Ohhhhh Yeaaaaaa!


Too good.. too good.

What can I say? I ❤ Thai Food.

– Chaz

Yup.. you guessed it. Another random post from work. This is what happens when it’s like 80 degrees inside the office… and when I haven’t eaten anything all day yet.

That is by far way too hardcore for me. I remember back in the day I was already happy that I pulled off a “rock-the-cradle.” Hats off to this dude.

So then, it’s Sunday.. quite hot (I’d say around 90s today).. and just came back from AU to get lunch with Allen and Francis, as well as meet with a potential buyer for my S2000 (hopefully it goes through). After meeting the buyer, eating lunch, and heading back to the office, I started reminiscing about the life my S2000 has gone through and also found some of my old YouTube videos. I came across an old video of my S2000 at the JDM Garage BBQ back when it had no flares, OK fitment wheels, my jankity-sounding dual invidia exhaust, and was only pushing 352. Still, for 352 HP to the wheels.. that little fireball out the left tailpipe is pretty impressive lol.

Back when I first bought the car in October, 2005:

A few weeks later…

Hot Import Daze: San Diego – March 19th, 2006

November 18th, 2006:

Back in July 2007:


Oh Stookz.. you’re all grown up now.

I’ll miss you.

P.S. Stooky is still for sale, so if interested please feel free to contact me.

So then, it’s currently 2 in the morning, and here I am sitting on my bed finishing up a ton of work. Of course since it’s so late, I’m feeling quite cracked out, but yet I randomly become inspired to write. And how could I satisfy this write-a-holic’s craving you ask? By starting my own blog of course! But what could I possibly write about what? Simple: Anything. Life. The World. Kallusive. Cars. Whatever. In any case, to the new readers who have unfortunately ended up at my little corner of the world wide web, I owe all of you an introduction as well as an advance apology, as what I may end up writing here may seem completely incoherent and may just waste your time, but hey who knows.. I might actually have something worth reading about once in a while. Anyway, my name is Chaz Tsai, and I’m the Operations Specialist at Kallusive Clothing. Here are a few tidbits about me:

– I love life, even with all its little foibles, because that’s what makes life interesting.
– I love my Kallusive Fam. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person typing all this today. One Love.
– I can’t stand being unproductive; therefore, I always push myself to work as efficiently as possible, either by just physically pushing myself, or by taking a more strategical standpoint and figuring how to make something even more efficient.
– I love cars, and will often spend ridiculous amounts of money into my current project(s). Currently working on my Infiniti FX35, and soon on my Benz C63 AMG arriving mid November. Be ready for more magazine cover features once they’re done.
– I treasure my friends and family more than anything else in the world. I will never ever leave a friend out in the cold alone if he or she needs help.
– I love spicy foods. Thai food is my absolute favorite. Lahd Nah or Pad See Ew, some Tom Yum Kai, and a plate of Kao Kham Mu, with some homemade chilies and a side of sriracha, and I’m in heaven.
– I tend to joke around quite a bit, but only when the time and situation allows it. If it’s time to buckle down and get serious, it’s game on.
– I’m quite tech-savvy. I like to be updated on everything that might be new in the tech world. This is also quite a bad habit, as it leads to…
– …me being a horrible impulse buyer. If you value what you’ve saved up in your wallet, I advise you to never go shopping with me.
– Creative Recs > Nike.
– Haters hate on me because they’re jealous of what I have and what I can do. Grow up and realize that if you took the time you used to try and sabotage me, you could’ve used the same amount of time to try and achieve something worthwhile.

So there you have it. Just a few random bits about me and who I am. If you’d like to know more, continue checking back every now and then to see what I might have updated about, or you can always contact me directly.

Chaz Tsai
AIM: Mr Chaz Tsai

And always remember. I am the one and only Chaz Tsai. And I make the impossible VERY F*CKING possible.