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So then, it’s Sunday.. quite hot (I’d say around 90s today).. and just came back from AU to get lunch with Allen and Francis, as well as meet with a potential buyer for my S2000 (hopefully it goes through). After meeting the buyer, eating lunch, and heading back to the office, I started reminiscing about the life my S2000 has gone through and also found some of my old YouTube videos. I came across an old video of my S2000 at the JDM Garage BBQ back when it had no flares, OK fitment wheels, my jankity-sounding dual invidia exhaust, and was only pushing 352. Still, for 352 HP to the wheels.. that little fireball out the left tailpipe is pretty impressive lol.

Back when I first bought the car in October, 2005:

A few weeks later…

Hot Import Daze: San Diego – March 19th, 2006

November 18th, 2006:

Back in July 2007:


Oh Stookz.. you’re all grown up now.

I’ll miss you.

P.S. Stooky is still for sale, so if interested please feel free to contact me.


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