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Ladies, if you ever see me have a bad day (like I somewhat had yesterday) or look super depressed or in a bad mood… there are always two drinks that can instantly cheer me up:

1) Ten Ren Jasmine Green Tea.

This little drink pretty much made my entire day’s “crap sundae” of physical pain, emotional stress, and a bunch of other things go away after one sip. Thank you Ten Ren.. you’ve always been there for me LOL.


Ohhhh yes. You know what this is. If you hate this coffee, then I hate you. LOL just kidding. Or am I? People who know me or are close to me should know that I truly do dislike coffee. Not because I think it tastes bad, but because I believe it’s bad for me, since I already have enough trouble really sleeping on time hahah. UCC on the other hand, I can never turn away from. I always keep my mini fridge here at the office STOCKED with UCC and Green Tea, and oh boy has that come in handy, as it did this morning by shot-gunning a can of UCC before getting onto my grind.

Thank You. You two could end wars from the happiness you bring upon people.

Ladies, hope you took notes =)

– Chaz


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