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Well, since I’m posting now, looks like I was able to survive the wrath of the five “we’re-bored-so-let’s-use-Chaz-to-entertain-us” girls on the cruise.. though I’ll probably have to receive some long-term therapy now LOL. So anyway, after a long, incredibly relaxing vacation by means of taking a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, I am back at the office once again, getting my grind on to make up for all the work I left behind while I was gone. I’m definitely not going to post up about my trip in detail, as that would take much too long and would probably bore you to where you’ll never come back and visit my blog again =( hahah. Instead, I shall post little tidbits and highlights of my trip and a few pictures to keep you all entertained.

– As Alex and I can tell you.. Michelin Sport PS2s SUCK when it comes to ultra low profile tires LOL.

– Cruise food is awesome, especially since it’s all free and available whenever you crave for some.

– I’ve been on bigger and better cruises before, but I’ve never had as much fun as I did this time. Great friends really make a huge difference.

– Dramamine ended up being everyone’s best friend during the trip LOL.

– Dressing up formally, having a great dinner, then popping five bottles of red wine and two bottles of champagne, then hitting the bar for three hours = GOOD TIMES! Too bad pictures of that night will remain with us.. and only us lol.

– Cabo San Lucas is amazingly beautiful and a really nice place to relax and kick it.

– ATVing on the Baja 1000 course and alongside the beach is way too much fun, especially when you pull hardcore slides and mash it over huge bumps =P

– Tanning on the top deck of the ship is hardcore relaxing.

– Being assaulted by 5 girls and forced to do their bidding… oh god LOL.

– Chatting with friends and eating till 4AM is mad fun.

– The ship’s cranberry vodka and red bull vodka is ridiculously good.. and refreshing as well =)

– Spa = awesome.

– Ping Pong is one of the most intense sports ever.

– Playing mini golf for laps around the track is a great way to exercise LOL. Too bad it’s quite hard to play when the ship’s rocking and the wind keeps blowing your ball off course ahahahah.


– Even after landing and standing up on solid ground, I still felt the ground tilting for a day LOL.

– I’m now feeling cruise-sick and wish it was longer.

– I ❤ our cruise group. Let’s get together again soon! BBQ at my house!

Now for pictures.

Michelin = FAIL. Always fun being stranded alongside of the 5 Freeway.

Tow trucks… not low-car friendly =(

Arrived at the SD Docks!

There’s our ship!

Safety Drill.

The Elation Atrium + Bar where we spent quite a lot of time at =)

Pool + Slide and one of the many Jacuzzis on the ship.

First snack on the cruise. Good thing I dieted before LOL.

Take a guess!

What a way to start off the day.

Still can’t figure out what that is..


Quick break along the shore.


We’re awesome.

Michael why you gotta make us look bad..


My ATV… with hardcore alignment problems LOL.

These dudes were jammin pretty hardcore. I miss percussion =(

Eurotrip anyone?

Ships galore!

If you know me well enough, you’ll know why this is awesome =) hahah.

On our ferry back to the mothership!

Jeez I’m hungry.


Dog… or Pig?

Always packed.

Great seafood pasta..

..followed by a moist Amaretto Chocolate Cake =)

All in all, this was a vacation that I know many of us needed, and for sure we all had nothing but great times. Good food, good times, and the company of some GREAT friends.. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Chazzy Phizzle out.


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