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If you all didn’t know already, I am MAD picky about cleanliness and organization, especially in areas I’m always at, such as my apartment or even my office. That means, vacuuming often, wiping down everything to make sure nothing is dusty, and keeping everything organized. In the bathroom, I think I’m probably even more anal lol. Toilet must be brushed and disinfected, shower has to be clean and conditioned daily to prevent mildew, and my sink and counter top have to be wiped down. Mirrors also have to be windex’d whenever necessary. God I feel like such a dork ahahahah. But hey, I need my surroundings to be clean in order to feel clean =P

Anyway, I was finally able to leave the office a little earlier today (though it still ended up being around 1AM LOL) and head back to my apartment early, as I haven’t been able to take the time to clean up my room and bathroom since I left for the cruise last Thursday. Not much more to say, so I’ll let my pictures do the talking for me. Sorry for the quality as well.. all pictures were taken directly from my iPhone, as I left my camera in my office =(

Vacuumed, dusted, and re-sheeted =)

The two things in my room I almost never use.

Counter wiped and mirrors windex’d.


Tilex is my shower’s best friend.

Definitely need to spend some more quality time here.

Carpet cleaned and vacuumed, table wiped, futon febreezed. Ready for company.

The only area where it’s not as clean yet.. had to cook first =)

Yup. I’m a clean freak. I guess that’s a good thing.. right?


– Chaz


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