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So yesterday, I must say, completely defined EXACTLY what every Friday should be. After stopping by Best Buy to pick up an iPod Nano as well as other swag, and FINALLY getting a car wash (god I feel like my soul has been cleansed LOL), I walked into the office then immediately Alex had me drop him off in Pasadena. After getting back into the office, I get a call from him an hour later telling me and Michael that we were all going to Universal Studios to relax and check out the new Simpson’s Ride, since we had annual passes and could go any time we pleased =). So after taking care of my agenda for the day, Michael and I loaded up into the FX, and we rolled out to Universal Studios.

Once we arrived, we met up with Alex and Gail, and proceeded to the Studio Tour first. WOW. I must say, that was probably the most fun I’ve EVER had on that tour. Our tour guide, who also had the greatest name ever (CHAZ!), was by far, the most enthusiastic and comedic guide out of the entire park. Also, I must have not gone on this tour for a while, because almost everything I experienced that day was new. The fast and the furious section, to the Desperate Housewives street, to the giant blue screen, everything was new.

After the tour, we headed over to the Simpson’s Ride. LOL oh god, even waiting in line was enjoyable. The ride itself was RIDICULOUS. I won’t spoil it for you all, but I will say that if you haven’t gone to check out the ride yet, STOP READING NOW, AND DRIVE OVER TO UNIVERSAL AND RIDE THAT BEEHATCH! Way too fun to explain lol, you’ll just have to experience it yourselves.

Of course, no day at the park would be complete without spending tons of money on CARNIVAL games. Though this time, we didn’t spend nearly as much money ahahahah. After walking out of the park, we stopped by the front where they were having some of the final Slamball league games. Wow. Slamball is INTENSE. Super entertaining to watch though hahah. We then proceeded to Citywalk to buy tickets for The Incredible Hulk. We got in early so we wouldn’t have to scramble for seats, then went out to go buy some food for the movie. I have to say, I was mad skeptical of the movie since the first release was such a giant flop, but boy was I wrong. The movie was WAY GOOD. It’s up to par with Iron Man in my eyes, though Iron Man still had a better story and was a bit more comical. I advise you all to go take time this weekend and go watch it. You won’t regret it.

After that now, we pretty much were too cracked out and tired to do anything else, so we all just headed back to the office and kicked it for a while until rolling back home. Ohhhh yeaaaaa!


Dopest tour guide EVER.

The aftermath of the recent lot fire =(

Mo Fiyah!

Showing everyone how some effects are done.

Dope japanese traffic signs hahah.

“Why thank you! I do know that I’m awesome.”


We need more of these around the area.



Oh yeaaaa!

Walking to the theater..

All in all, I truly do believe that we have defined exactly how Fridays should be. What could be better than taking time off and hanging out with great friends and doing a ton of spontaneous things?


It just feels good to kick it all the time.

– Chaz

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