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Susie is a jerk.

That is all. =)

2:26:29 PM REOR : btw.. your blog.. doesnt let me comment -___-
2:26:32 PM REOR : how retarded
2:26:35 PM Chaz Tsai: oh really?
2:26:37 PM REOR : apparently i have to sign up
2:26:48 PM Chaz Tsai: oh you can just use your email
2:26:52 PM Chaz Tsai: let me check
2:26:55 PM REOR : just to comment on yuor blog?!!? :O
2:26:58 PM REOR : lol
2:27:03 PM REOR : hahah NO THANKS
2:27:13 PM REOR : lol
2:27:36 PM Chaz Tsai: lazy
2:27:41 PM Chaz Tsai: can’t use your email just to comment
2:27:44 PM Chaz Tsai: and =(
2:28:01 PM REOR : hahah seee
2:28:09 PM REOR : thats horrible
2:28:15 PM REOR : get a new blog
2:28:19 PM REOR : no wonder no one comments!
2:28:22 PM REOR: lol
2:28:28 PM REOR: how come allen’s you can comment without registering?
2:28:48 PM Chaz Tsai: lol
2:28:50 PM Chaz Tsai: i just changed it
2:28:52 PM Chaz Tsai: comment away
2:29:24 PM REOR: no
2:29:31 PM REOR: i dont want to anymore !
2:29:38 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:29:40 PM REOR: i already told you
2:29:43 PM REOR: my comment
2:29:46 PM REOR: gosh
2:29:47 PM Chaz Tsai: so i just wasted
2:29:50 PM REOR: LOL
2:29:53 PM Chaz Tsai: the three mouse clicks
2:29:53 PM REOR: useless!! BAH!
2:29:57 PM Chaz Tsai: to change settings for YOU
2:30:05 PM Chaz Tsai: and now you refuse to comment?!
2:30:44 PM REOR: itll benefit you more
2:30:48 PM REOR: !
2:30:51 PM REOR: now people can comment
2:30:54 PM REOR: shut up
2:30:56 PM REOR: without the pressures of joining a program!
2:31:00 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:31:03 PM Chaz Tsai: joining a program?
2:31:09 PM Chaz Tsai: all you have to do is include name and email
2:31:14 PM REOR: i think my power and influence in creating this new foundddddddddddddddddddddd phenomenon(sp?)  should be a  blogged entry
2:31:24 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:31:28 PM Chaz Tsai: indeed it will be
2:31:37 PM Chaz Tsai: and it’ll be titled
2:31:52 PM Chaz Tsai: “this girl made me waste finger effort for no apparent reason”
2:32:15 PM REOR: 🙂
2:32:21 PM REOR: the power of me
2:32:29 PM REOR: pwhahah

And for some strange reason… never mind I’ll leave this one to you all.

2:02:44 PM REOR : bring some girls
2:02:44 PM REOR : damn it
2:02:45 PM REOR : -_-
2:02:54 PM Chaz Tsai: and for some reason I have a ton of girl friends?
2:02:57 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:03:02 PM REOR : lol
2:03:03 PM REOR : yea.
2:03:07 PM REOR : so hook me up 😀
2:03:15 PM REOR : you can be the one to fulfill my lesbian fantasy
2:03:20 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL

WOW. A little TMI there missy.

Hopefully I’ll live another day to post more random swag up… because I’m sure I’m going to get blasted for this post later on LOL.


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  1. big bitch of a fagget face. 🙂

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