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Hooray! I’ve lagged on blogging again! LOL dammit sorry everyone I just haven’t been able to find the time to update as often anymore.. I promise I’ll start trying to post at least a few times a week!

Anyway, once again, I’ll just be posting snippits from what happened this past weekend!

– On Thursday, headed down to Irvine to Mary’s new apartment in VDC to party with her, since it was her birthday and because I’m SUCH an awesome friend. Brought along my beer pong table, as well as a nice 36 pack of beer to accompany the table. Played a few rounds, took a few shots, then just kicked it with the birthday girl.. or more like make sure drunky didn’t do anything stupid LOL. Tip for you Mary.. wear pants next time LOL. Just keeeeeding. SEVEN years Mary. SEVEN!

– 4th of July! I did absolutely nothing LOL. Caught up on some sleep, kicked it at home, finished up a bit at the office, then went back home and just chilled. Uneventful, but definitely relaxing!

– I didn’t really have anything planned for Saturday. Basically did what I did Friday until nighttime, where I went with Allen to his friend’s birthday party. Good food, great selection of alcohol, and a lot of rock band = good times! Afterwards, the Mary called me up because she was BORED, so once again because I’m such an awesome friend, I met up with her then we rolled down to Kouraku in J-town to eat some late-night ramen. Got pretty BLOWED up, then drove her back. Francis calls me on the way, and says we’re going to roll to Coffee Spot, BACK in LA LOL. Son of a B! But luckily, we just met at Allen’s pad, and Francis drove. Chilled till closing (4AM), then rolled back home and passed out, since I had a loooooong day ahead of me.

– SUNDAY! Woke up quite early, and went down to San Pedro because my friend Noelle was back from Arizona and she always organizes a little grubfest down there every year. How could I pass the chance for some fresh seafood right? hahah. So got down there around 1, then waited till around 2 for everyone else to show. While I waited, grabbed a little shrimp cocktail to keep my hunger satiated for the time being. Once everyone showed up, that’s when the REAL grubbage went down. A plate of Shrimp and Fish combo, a dozen fresh oysters, a giant plate of combo ceviche (shrimp, scallops, and octopus), a huge whole grilled Tilapia, and three fresh whole crabs.. share that among seven people.. and you have one helluva grubfest LOL. Way too good. Afterwards, we headed down to Long Beach to just kick it and chill. Raided the Segway store, and tried to rent one just to share among all of us, but the guy wouldn’t let us =( He did let all of us just ride around the store, which was pretty dope. I’m totally getting one for the new house LOL. Walked around some more, then headed to Chili’s because we got hungry again HAHAHAH. Wow we’re monsters. So some more eating, some more drinking, and we were pretty much done for the day. Said our goodbyes, then headed back home. All in all, a great day, kicking it with a bunch of dope people hahah.



.. Crusty Crab!

Booooomb shrimp cocktail.

Super packed Sunday.

Shrimp and Fish plate.

Mmmmm fresh oysters..

Combo Ceviche.

Tilapia. Mad good.


“He’s staring at me.. telling me not to eat him!”

Super dope people =) and yes.. that’s a $27 bottle of corona I’m holding LOL. Fricken awesome.

So other than that, that’s about it for what happened this past weekend. This upcoming weekend.. heading down to VEGAS! Impulse trip LOL. Anyone who wants to come with, let me know! =)

Till next time (or next week)!

– Chazzy


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