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OH MY. VEGAS?! How could I even THINK about NOT GOING?! Hahahah just keeeeeding. Of course I had to go.. one, because it’s Vegas.. two, because I figured it’d be nice to get away from LA for a weekend.. and three, I always go where I’m needed, especially when I help out my boys at Aspec.

So anyway, the trip started on Thursday, where I scrambled the entire day to get my new wheels and tires on the FX, because I figured it’d be quite unsafe to drive the car up to Vegas on BALD RE92s. Kept running in to little problems, but eventually got the wheels on after swinging by Aspec to pick up some new lugnuts, since the stock ones were way too big. As Francis has told me, I have one of the only set of new Gunmetal Rays Lugnuts in the US. They didn’t even have the lugs input into their inventory system yet LOL. Anyway, big shout to the homie Francis for helping me out before we rolled out to Vegas. After getting the wheels on, I headed back to the office to finish up some last minute work before rolling to Pasadena to pick up the World Famous Allen Chu (aka BTUNE). We had to pick up a few drinks first, so we headed to the Convenient Store in Arcadia to stock up, and on the road we go!

Love this place.

Best place to go before a road trip lol.

All I have to say.. is that THANK GOD I put the wheels and tires on LOL. The drive was cool in the beginning, but as we got on the 15 and started heading more north, the weather just got kind of CRAZY. We first ran into a dry desert thunderstorm.. then some rain.. then some SIDEWAYS rain.. then some SIDEWAYS HAIL. Yea. Total WTF status. In any case, we ended up rolling into Vegas some time around 11:30, checked into our hotel at Stratosphere, then proceeded to the track where all the Aspec/Works Bell guys and Yokohama crew were at, tech-ing Yoshi (our Kallusive sponsored driver!) and his car, making sure they were both ready for qualifying and the competition day. Helped out till practice sessions were over around 2, then we all headed back to the hotel, cleaned up, and met up again downstairs to grab some grub, since none of us really ate the entire day. Ordered a plate of Corned Beef Hash, which was DELICIOUS, and really debated whether or not to order a prime rib dinner as well, but I held back lol. Went to bed around 6, and tried to sleep until my phone started blowing up with calls at 9. Ahhh the beauty of SILENT mode lol. Woke up again at 1, then showered and got ready and met up with everyone downstairs so we could get some lunch before heading over to the track.

All I have to say about lunch… MAD BLOWAGE. I will probably NEVER.. EVER.. eat at Iron Skillet again, unless I for some reason become a) a trucker; b) so hungry to the point of starvation; or c) hungry for nothing but fried foods. LOL don’t get me wrong.. the food was decent, but it just mad you feel super guilty for ingesting that much fried stuff. So after lunch, and after all of us got over our food guilt, we headed over to the track and there the day began. Set up the booth, prepped everything up, then Yoshi headed out to the practice sessions before Qualifying began. Long story short, Yoshi qualified #5 seated driver, so that ensured he’d be competing on Saturday for the top 16 matches. Left the track around midnight, then back to the hotel to clean up, and met up again downstairs to go get some grub! Ended up going to a 24 hour Korean BBQ joint that was actually VERY satisfying lol. I didn’t feel for bbq, so I got Kimchee Chigae instead. Mad good. Went to bed at 4, because I had an early morning flight the same day.

Woke up at 5:30 on Saturday to get ready and pack up, since I had a flight back to LAX at 7:20. I had to fly back because I had a few errands I had to run that were super time sensitive, so I had no way out of it, and I didn’t want to drive four hours back home, then four hours back to Vegas. Yes I know.. “make it rain.” who else but me would be dumb enough to do that right? lol. Anyway, finished everything, continued a little house-hunting journey, then went back to LAX for my 3:45 flight back to Vegas. Got back, picked up my FX, then drove straight to the track. Got to the trailer, then chilled for a little. Yoshi ended up qualifying for Top 8 Tandem runs, so after he got back we grabbed some food, then began checking and prepping the car for his tandems later on that night. All I gotta say.. Yoshi you are AWESOME LOL. Not only did he cause two drivers to freak and biff it into the wall, he ended up taking the whole show! 1st Place! Needless to say, some celebrating was in order lol.

Drove back and arrived back in Arcadia some time around 4. Would’ve been back earlier, but of course we had to stop by MAD GREEK CAFE in Baker. Best Gyros EVER. If you’ve never gone.. seriously, next time you roll to Vegas and back, swing by. Your time will not be wasted. Anyway, got home, popped a Sominex, ensuring I would at least catch up on some of the sleep I lost during the weekend, and passed out for a solid 16 hours LOL. Woke up, showered, then headed to the office to finish up some work. Francis and Allen called me up around midnight to go hit up Coffee Spot, so of course I couldn’t turn down. Got back home around 3:30, then proceeded to pass out again.

Hope you’re all ready for an absolute picture overload.. because I’m not =P

SO CLOSE! By that time I was already getting pretty delerious from the driving.

Our hotel in the background. Stratosphere! Mad cheap.

Orido’s new beast. Totally need a Kallusive sticker up on that beehatch LOL.

Yoshi’s Hachi.

Peep the Kallusive sticky! Bigger version going on the car soon =)

Changing spark plugs.

Iron Skillet – eat at your own discretion.

Pink Cowboy Hat. Added to my list of “Things to Own” lol.

Food actually placed on a hot IRON SKILLET. So crafty! (though the handle burned your hands LOL)

Packing food on our plates.

ABSOLUTE DEATH. Thank god I got the salad to help digest and ease my food guilt =(

Setting up the booth.

Tires swapped and ready to roll. I ❤ Neovas.

The Logan aka Rogan-san.



Working on getting the suspension settings right.

Palazzo Hotel. Looks rather nice.. maybe I’ll stay here next time.

Been a REALLY long time since I’ve gone to Treasure Island.


Why is the airport so empty..?

Oh. THAT’S WHY. I hate early morning flights =(

Sun is finally starting to cool off..

Tuan.. eating a pack of instant Yakisoba.. yet he can’t wait the three minutes to cook it LOL.

Yokohama trailer in full effect.


Orido’s entourage.

Mad Greek Cafe!

They ain’t lyin.

Awesome baked goodies in the shelves as well.

I would drive all the way to Baker from LA just for this.

Too good.

All in all, it was quite a fun weekend. Definitely ready for Formula D Sonoma in September.

Till next time! Still trying not to lag on posting.. but not trying very hard I guess LOL.

– Chaz


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