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Wow Charlie.. a whole NINE days without an update. Shame on you.

Once again, sorry for the lack of posting. In an attempt to explain myself, I’ll just say these past two weeks have been incredibly stressful and emotional. A lot has been on my mind, and I’ve been losing a large amount of sleep from it. I’ll try to go to sleep, only to find myself trying to process the thousands and thousands of thoughts flowing through my mind, effectively keeping my mind stressed and working overtime and therefore not allowing me to sleep in peace. I guess it’s just not the best thing being super over-analytical lol. It got to the point where it started affecting my work.. making mistakes where I normally would be aces. However, with the help of my close friends and loving Kallusive fam, I’m starting to regulate everything a bit better and am finally feeling more like myself, though not completely up to maximum efficiency yet. But enough about that.. no worries Chazzy Phizzle will be back up and running soon once again! You can’t ever stop this well-oiled machine.. only slow him down somewhat LOL. I do want to take the time right now and say Thank You to everyone who has helped me and tried to cheer me up.. you all mean the world to me =)

ANYWAY, just because I’ve had a few FAIL weeks, doesn’t mean that nothing interesting and post-worthy happened these past two weeks hahah! Mainly.. my roomies and I have FINALLY found a house for us to live in! After nearly two months of searching, we have finally succeeded in finding a property suitable for us, all while keeping rent within all our budgets! The house in in the K-town area, which is super nifty for me, since I frequently roll down to the area to eat, drink, or just kick back, relax, and wind down for the day. It WILL be a bit of longer drive to get to work and school every day, but I believe the house is totally worth it. Not to mention I’ll be living with the coolest roommates ever =) Stay tuned, for I will post up pictures of the new pad once we finalize our lease and begin moving in! Also, prepare for our HOUSEWARMING party of the century! Woooooooo =)

Alright, so now for some going-ons since I last posted. Saturday.. oh Saturday lol. That was the day we first looked at the house we’re moving in to. Who knew he would actually call us the next day and say that the house was ours?? Good stuff =) So yes, after looking at our wonderful new home, we were all feeling a bit hungry, and cold noodle/korean bbq sounded SUPER good, so of course we had to hit up The Corner. Even though their BBQ isn’t nearly comparable to GUI RIM, their cold noodle more than makes up for it lol. We all shared two bowls of cold noodle, and two large plates of Galbi/Kalbi. More than enough to split among one dude and four other chicks =) After lunch, we all wanted a little dessert, so we decided on some Shaved Ice. However, because of a little communication error (AHEM… JESS and JOAN LOL), we ended up at K-Town Galleria, when we needed to be at K-Town PLAZA. But we did eventually get our shaved ice, which was delicious =) We then proceeded to check out one last house, since we didn’t know whether or not we would get that one house, so we had to make sure we had a backup. Nice house, brand new, but not finished! Afterwards, dropped off Joan at her car, then Jess, Dow, and I rolled down to GLOW in Santa Monica. We walked around for a bit, ate and drank at Mariasol (great food and drinks by the way!), walked around some more admiring some of the art pieces, then rolled back to LA so I could drop them off at their car. After that, went back to the office real quick to grab a jacket and headed down to The Terrace in Pasadena, where we were throwing a little event =) Not much to say about that night.. other than a FAIR FAIR amount of alcohol, a ton of love for Kallusive, and Yardhouse sucks because they turn off their taps earlier than they say they do LOL.

The NEXT DAY, ohhhh baby… got that call early morning from Jess and Dow.. and we got the house! Woooooooo hahah. That was pretty much the highlight of my day =) Called my big bros, told them the news, decided to grab some lunch at Golden Deli to celebrate! Now if you’ve never heard of Golden Deli.. please just slap yourself in the forehead right now lol. I have yet to find ANYWHERE that has better Pho and fried egg rolls than Golden Deli. So yea, grabbed a great lunch, then rolled back to the house where we all just relaxed and watched TV, anxiously waiting for the ESPYS to come on! Sadly though, once the show started, everyone had to piece, so I called Allen up and we decided to grab some Korean BBQ for dinner. Didn’t want to roll to LA for Gui Rim, so we ended up going to that one joint in Arcadia next to CVS. Not the best stuff, but good enough to satisfy =P. Went back to the office afterwards to chill and finish up some work, then went back home around 2AM to try and KO. That’s pretty much it for the weekend hahah.

As for the week, nothing really too interesting went on. I did almost break down on Tuesday because of my current apartment’s stupid ass management, but after talking it out with them (read: threatening them back in person with two attorneys at my side LOL) and blowing off some steam at the range, I seriously felt like I was pretty much back to normal LOL. Other than that, I’ve just been working hard, getting our orders ready and making sure everything is good to go, and hanging out with some friends I haven’t had the chance to kick it with for a while. I am looking forward to the weekend though.. nothing really planned, but definitely nice to have a chance to relax hahah. All in all, I’m just glad that things are starting to pan out now, and I can’t wait until I move in to the new house! Hope you’re all as excited as I am =)

A few pictures:

Time Machine in the house.

Good crowd that night.

Some more people.

Yardhouse… Can’t believe you failed us. =(

I ❤ this place.

Always a full house. Be prepared to wait.

Some people lucky enough to wait inside lol. Yea that girl’s totally not trying to look LOL.


Best fried egg rolls EVER.

Too good.

Anyway, once again I’m sorry for the lag, and I’m even MORE sorry that this post was so ridiculously long! I’ll make it up to all of you some how.. just wait =)

I love you all.



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