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Hahah hooray more than one post this week! =) Told you I’d get back into blogging more frequently again lol. Anyway, I was already looking forward to the weekend, since it meant I could just relax and not have to worry about anything, but I wasn’t expecting it to kick off so well hahah. I knocked out last night at around 3AM, and woke up at 10, but didn’t really leave my bed until 1 LOL. Just did some work in bed, watched some TV, and ate a granola bar for breakfast. Goooood stuff. Showered and got ready, then headed to the office to finish up some stuff. Was expecting to just finish work, grab some food, then go back to LA, but instead, the whole gang showed up, and we decided that today we would all just go and kick it! Been a while since we’ve done so, since we’ve all been incredibly busy with work and whatnot, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise =) We decided to go to Yardhouse (yes.. even though they failed us horribly that time lol) to grab some dinner and drinks, and then go watch Wall-E, since none of us have watched the movie yet.

Yardhouse this time was GREAT. We literally waited for about 5 minutes, which we spent at the bar of course, then our pager went off and immediatly our waiter came and ordered our drinks for us right when we sat down. By the way, our waiter was DOPE. Always made sure our drinks were full and everything was good. Started off the meal with a few beers, accompanied with a few shots of Jack, then ordered the Shiitake and Portabello Mushroom Lettuce Wraps, which I HIGHLY recommend you try if you haven’t already. Ordered a few more drinks, then our entries came! I usually get the Mac + Cheese, but I decided to try something new, so our waiter recommended that I try the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. One word: BOMBDIGGITY. LOL. Paired with their Ice Green Tea, which put a HUGE smile on my face, it was definitely a great meal. Luckily though, Gail and Msam both got the Mac and Cheese, so I still got to eat some of my favorite dish =) Finished off the meal by pounding Alex’s glass of Heff and two more shots, then we rolled over to the movie theatre to watch Wall-E!

I was totally hyped to watch Wall-E, especially after hearing all the reviews from friends and family. And I will say… it totally lived up to that hype! It really was one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. It was cute (yes.. I said cute.), the animation was incredible, and it had a GREAT underlying message that didn’t take any thinking whatsoever to understand. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up watching it again, but if I don’t.. you can be sure it’ll show up in my blu-ray collection once it comes out =)

Just walking in and asking for a table.

Still my favorite bar. =)

Soooooo good.

Lettuce Wraps. So good we couldn’t even keep em intact before taking a picture LOL. Try these!

Best Mac + Cheese EVER! If you’ve never had this, you fail at life. Just kidding. =)

Great sandwich. Definitely not the first time I’ll be getting this.

All in all, today was definitely a GREAT start to a GREAT weekend. Ready for another great day to end the weekend. =)

Weekends really need to be longer.

– Chaz!

P.S.: Jess and Dow.. I love you two LOL. Best drunk dial call I’ve gotten in a long time HAHAHAHAH. =D


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