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I’m sure by now you’ve heard or actually felt the earthquake that just passed around 11:30 or so this morning. Luckily, even though the earthquake measured a solid 5.4 (reduced from the initial reading of 5.8), it wasn’t too bad and I haven’t heard any reports of anyone injured or anything. Whew. Right after the earthquake, I tried calling friends in all the surrounding areas to make sure everyone was good. But, as many of you probably noticed, the phone lines were pretty scrambled for a while. I did eventually get through to everyone, and looks like everyone’s fine, though some were pretty shaken up, especially in the Riverside and Chino Hills areas further east. Glad everyone’s okay though! Guess this is the time where the trusty ol’ internet comes through brilliantly, with AIM and Facebook always handy LOL. All I’ve got to say… is that if any of you were like me and happened to be taking a nice loooong relaxing shower after an incredibly long morning while an earthquake of that magnitude hits.. don’t try and stand up when the floor’s moving and all soapy. It hurts falling LOL =P

Here’s an article I found off Reuters.

“A moderate earthquake struck east of Los Angeles on Tuesday, shaking tall buildings in the city but there were no immediate reports of injuries, major damage or power outages.

The earthquake, which struck at 11:42 a.m. local time (2:42 p.m. EDT), was measured at magnitude 5.8. It was centered about 30 miles east of Los Angeles near the community of Chino Hills, where it was felt strongly.

But witnesses reported feeling the shaking strongly in neighboring Orange County, as far south as San Diego and as far east as Las Vegas. There were no reports of power outages.

Several small aftershocks were reported in the minutes after the quake.

A spokesman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said there were no reports of injuries in the Chino Hills area.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said there were also no injuries reported in the city, although tall buildings swayed from side to side for a few seconds and workers poured into the streets.”

Well that’s about it for now. Glad to hear everyone’s okay =)

I once again, end this post with a random picture of the past.

Summer in Taiwan: 2006 @ Luxy. Good times hahah. Manhandled a bottle of Jack and Grey.

One Love.

– The Chaz


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