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Well guess it’s about the right time to recap on July. Not really too much to say other than this month… really has had it’s fair share of solid ups and downs lol. I’ve gone from being my normal, happy, and obnoxious self to being completely depressed, stressed, and ready to break down at a moment’s notice. I am quite happy that I’m back to my usual self though, thanks to the help of many close friends =) This month, I’ve learned how to make myself much stronger mentally, thanks to the help and advice of my two big bros, and it really is helping. Small stuff that used to really irk me, now no longer even make me twitch. It’s especially helped with work, helping me keep my focus on work, and nothing else until I’m done with my agenda, ensuring that I get everything done with zero to minimal mistakes. That especially helps right now, since things are getting crazy here at the office again, and I’m beginning to pull into 24/7 mode again lol. Actually, I think that’s a good thing. Based off what my bros and big sis say, I actually crack more jokes and am looser when I don’t get enough sleep, and become pretty cracked out, but to the point where I’m more awake than not LOL. Don’t know if that makes any sense, but whatever. Guess you’ll all just have to hang around me more to notice the difference hahah.

In my separate Car Life, I guess it’s still kind of dead since I sold the Stook. Let’s see…

FX35: I did end up putting the AME Gracers on the FX, but since they’re wrapped with 30 series tires right now.. my speedometer reads approx. 10 miles faster than it should, also allowing the car to rack miles on the odometer faster.. not cool LOL. Right now, I’m still waiting on the Air Runners to come in, then I’ll be dropping the car off at M1 for some minor paint works and body touch ups on certain areas. Hopefully that’ll happen within the next two weeks.

Cayenne S: The Cayenne S is starting to grow on me more, though the mileage is still HORRIBLE, no matter how much it grows on me lol. 250-300 miles on a 24 gallon tank is NOT fun, especially when it costs a little over 100 dollars each time to fill! The Tubi exhaust is actually sounding better and better now, and the ecu chip has made the car reduce it’s drive by wire lag a fair amount. We’ll see how it goes.

C63 AMG: OH GOD I STILL CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS CAR TO COME IN. Dealer has kept me updated, and says the car should deliver mid-august, around August 15th, but very latest it’ll come at the end of August. They did say there was one showroom model ready for me to take in the same color, but it doesn’t have the options I ordered, and there’s already 200+ miles on it. PASS. I do have some plans for the car, but not many. The main reason I even splurged on this car was so I wouldn’t be able to mod the car.. not without spending mad cheddar at least hahah. I do have my friend at Mackin who said that once the car delivers, call her and they’ll test fit some new wheels on it. I love getting free parts =)

Anyhoooo, I do believe that’s about it for now. Do keep checking the Kallusive Online Store though, as I know sizes have not been available, but we WILL be restocked by the end of the weekend, so whatever you haven’t snagged yet, better SNAG FAST because you know it won’t last long!

Another random “blast from the past” picture to end the post =)

Japan: Winter 2006. Chillin with some dope people at the hostel I was staying at. A lot of Asahi-pounding that night LOL. I can’t wait to go back.

Goodbye July. It’s been a pleasant ride.

– “Charly”


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