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Yes. Yes it was. It indeed was a crazy Friday night.

So, nothing really interesting happened throughout the day. Well, we did get a little somethin somethin from our boys Staxx down in SD, but I can’t release that information/pictures until later on this week =) But for sure, you’ll all be excited about this one. Extremely limited, so right when we release it, grab one before they’re gone!

Anyway, I left the office at 7:30 to go to my good friend Christina (aka Beb)’s Birthday party at 3355 in La Habra. Luckily I checked the traffic report before leaving though.. the 60E had a huge accident, and was jammed all the way, so I ended up taking local streets there, which saved a fair amount of time. Never been to 3355 though, so I had no idea where it was. Luckily I found it pretty easily, and when I got there, only a few people were there already, including Beb. So to start things off, we ordered some korean fried chicken, some shrimp fried rice, and two HUGE “pitcher” bottles of Hite, as well as a few bottles of Soju. All took a Birthday shot, then grubbed some. Afterwards, more and more people started showing, and that’s when things got mad fun LOL. Not too much to say about the goings-on of the night, but I’ll just keep it simple and say that there was a LOT of shots going down, a bottle of Hennessy and Grey Goose empty within 10 minutes, and a hilarious drunken Beb before 11:30 LOL. Also nice though, since a lot of my s2000 homies that I haven’t seen forever came too, and I finally got to kick it with them again. Also my close friends Jon and his girlfriend Judy came, as well as Sam and his girl too, and I haven’t seen or kicked it with them for over a year now! Good times. Good times. Ended up getting home around 5AM, and knocked out until around 11AM.

Group #1!

Group #2!

Soooo good.




The Birthday Girl and I! =)

Me and Al (aka Boogie)

Long time homie Jon!

Hahah even Dennis came!

Long time homie Sam!

Uh oh…

Is she drunk..?

Bingo! LOL.

LOL poor girl.

Once again, Happy Birthday Christina! Hope you’re feeling better LOL =)

Haven’t had one of these nights for a while now. Kind of nice =)

Chazzy Out.

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