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Ahhhh yes… the great feeling of solid relief. Nothing is more welcome after a weekend of complete stress and turmoil. Yup.. finally finished that ridiculous HK order, with less than 30 minutes to spare before the sea freight company came to pick everything up. A solid two weeks, plus an entire weekend of nonstop hustle, and an incredibly rushed morning. Good job team. I’m proud of you all.

Anyway, other than all that craziness that ensued, today was a rather good day! We got everything done, I finished up a gang of paperwork, and Mr Berty Bert came back from Europe, and swung by the office to visit. Drank a Corona to celebrate, then I had to leave and roll back to LA and meet my roomies at our new pad to sign the lease and officially begin our contract =) Everything went smoothly, discussed a few concerns and questions we had with the owner, and then the girls started moving some things in while I checked around the house to start planning where to put the TV, couches, and what needed replacing like some doorknobs and lightbulbs. Also started planning out my own room, like where I would mount the TV on the wall, where my bed and desk would go, and what color I would paint the walls and ceiling =). I’m excited to finally move in! Hopefully, everything will be moved in by the end of the weekend, so we can start planning out our SICK SICK housewarming party! Woooooooooo!

Afterwards, I was hungry as hell since I didn’t eat any solid food all day, living off meal replacement shakes and a few triscuits as sustenance LOL. Soooo, since my new place is super close to a Vons, I did a little grocery shopping. Definitely not a good idea to do such a thing when you’re starving though lol. Spent somewhere near 110 dollars on random, but healthy eats =) Got back to my current apartment, and cooked up a little dinner consisting of a lemon-herb chicken breast and a cajun marinated salmon fillet. Add a little dollop of fresh pesto for the chicken, wash it all down with a glass of tropical punch, and you have one great, simple, and quick meal hahah.

Sorry for the crappy picture.. iPhone no worky when there’s low lighting hahah.

At least that meal’s a helluva lot healthier than what I had late night two nights ago with Allen and Francis at Hodori..

Naeng Myun, an order of Kalbi, and some spicy calamari. BLOWAAAAAGE.

Hope you all have a great week! I know I sure will =)
Next post, I’ll try to post up some pictures of the new pad!

Till next time,



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