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Monthly Archives: September 2008

So, my good buddy Logan aka ROGANSAN over at Aspec created a photo blog about a month or so ago, and he gave me the honor SHAME (better Logan? LOL) of joining the blog and posting up my random pictures of the day, along with the other nine dudes on the blog lol. Peep the blog. It’ll keep you entertained.. especially since at least one of us posts every 10 minutes or so LOL.

Photos Of The Day – courtesy of (10) DUDES and some cell phonez

All pictures are sent from our phones (iPhones, Blackberrys, etc.).

I warn you all now though.. this blog may take a little hit from postage because of the other blog LOL. As Logan said..

“Your blog is gonna die.”

– Chazzzzzzz


Oh yes. Yes it very much is.

It’s as tall as the Civic LOL.

Yes. My mudflap is indeed touching the ground.

Me inside. Peep the curtains?

Almost touching the ground.. can’t be good lol.

Bling in the trunk.

My switches to happiness.

So, that’s one thing that went on during August. Surprisingly enough, the ride is excellent. Not bumpy whatsoever, though I think I should crank the stiffness on the front a little more. Also going to space out the fronts and rears to have it more flush when it’s slammed. No fender cutting/bashing necessary this time hahah!

All work was done by Autofashion in San Diego. Go peep their website at If you ever decide to get work done there, talk to Freddie, and tell him Charlie sent you.

More to come on the FX. The project has just begun.

– Chaz

Yup. I am alive and well! I’m quite sorry about the absolute lack of postage in August.. I’ve been ricockulously busy, and seriously couldn’t spare the time to post! I’ll post up details of each thing as the week goes on, but here’s a quick recap of what went on!

– Mad scramble to prepare for Magic.h
– Signing the lease to the new house in LA.
– Moving in with the best roommates ever =)
– Spending a week painting my room, prepping everything in the house, and moving my furniture as well as my roomies’ stuff.
– Dropping my car off in SD for a little somethinsomethin wahahah.
– Meeting a ton of really great people.
– Picking up my FX in SD and being BLOWN AWAY. Airrunners, AMEs, and Garson curtains = THE HOT.
– Magic Fall 2008 in the S.L.A.T.E. section. An absolutely amazing three days of nonstop hustle and partying with the best people ever.
– Driving to work on a Friday in the morning, getting cut off by a retarded Lexus who swerves out of the way, leaving me no choice but to hit the huge metal 2×4 in the middle of the freeway, blowing one tire, then finding out from the AAA tow guy that it’s actually two tires and two BENT FUCKING WHEELS. RAWRZZZ.
– Going fishing Labor Day weekend with my roomies, catching an ASSLOAD of Salmon Grouper, Rockfish, and Sand Dabs, then spending the night cooking up one of the greatest and most delicious family dinners ever.

Well that was pretty much what went on all August. It was a mad busy month, and I’m definitely glad to have some “downtime” now hahah.

As far as September up till now.. nothing big happened.

Oh. Just kidding. My C63 AMG came in today =) Finally got the call from my boy down at Penske, and they delivered it to my house in an hour. Seven months of waiting… and it’s finally here! Too sexy for words.. I’ll let pictures do the talking once I post up pictures this week bwahahahahahah.

In any case, I’m excited for Septemeber and what this month will bring! Some upcoming events from this month and beyond include:

– Formula D: Sonoma – September 13th
– Alex’s Birthday Throwdown = September 20th
– My Birthday – October 30th
– SEMA – November 4th – 7th (actually looking forward to it this year hahah)

Can’t wait. Life is spectacular.

Glad to be back everyone. I’ll post up again tomorrow.

– Chazzy Phizzle