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Oh yes. Yes it very much is.

It’s as tall as the Civic LOL.

Yes. My mudflap is indeed touching the ground.

Me inside. Peep the curtains?

Almost touching the ground.. can’t be good lol.

Bling in the trunk.

My switches to happiness.

So, that’s one thing that went on during August. Surprisingly enough, the ride is excellent. Not bumpy whatsoever, though I think I should crank the stiffness on the front a little more. Also going to space out the fronts and rears to have it more flush when it’s slammed. No fender cutting/bashing necessary this time hahah!

All work was done by Autofashion in San Diego. Go peep their website at If you ever decide to get work done there, talk to Freddie, and tell him Charlie sent you.

More to come on the FX. The project has just begun.

– Chaz



  1. shit looks crzy!

  2. i would think the suspension geometry is bad at that slamage, is it? you need spacers to make the car hellaflush!

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