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Monthly Archives: October 2008


How about THIS?

Does this make you hungry?

So I rode the bike around a few days ago, and finally snapped a few quick shots off my iPhone.

Mmmm… 16.5K Redline. I hope I never ever hit the rev limiter on this thing. That would equal DEATH.

All in all, sick clean bike. Had 1103 miles on it when I picked it up at the beginning of the month lol. Though it did ride pretty awkwardly for a while until earlier this week, when the homie Justin met up with me at Mr Coffee and tuned the suspension right then and there, right in front of our table, so everything was to my specs. Turns out the two front forks weren’t in sync as well… aka left side was on almost full hard, while the right side was almost full soft. Yea. And I wondered why I had to lean so much more to actually turn right… now the bike rides like butter. Actually absorbs the bumps and potholes of LA hahah.

Anyway, I finally ordered a gang of parts for the bike earlier this week as well, so soon I won’t have to worry about those nasty front stalk-eye turn signals and the fender. Also ordered new levers, a smoked double bubble, new helmet and gloves, and other various goodies I will share with you all once the parts all come in later this week and I have everything installed on the bike.

Also, for all of you who wonder how I eat out at so many places, and yet am still able to keep *somewhat* of the same size? (even though I’m bigger than I was a year or two ago LOL). This is thy answer:

Ahhhh good ol’ Metamucil. You keep me alive and running.

Till next time.

– The Chaz.


So, I promised a certain someone that I’d put up another post tonight/this morning (Saturday), but obviously you see that hasn’t happened lol. Sorry! I’m too tired right now after coming back from Mr. Coffee, so I can’t post =( It will happen when I wake up today though! hahahahah.

For now, this will be my placeholder till I post up the entire thing later this morning!

Early 10/27:

Alright, finally focused enough that I can actually accumulate the pictures and words for this post. My week of healthy dieting actually went rather well. Saved mad cheddar by not eating out, and cooked up some healthier meals that helped me lose some weight lol. In total, I lost about seven pounds from just dieting and doing light exercises. That just goes to show you.. I usually eat way too much crap, to the point where such lazy dieting such as this allows me to actually lose weight LOL.

On Thursday, I actually went down to Irvine to hang out with some friends. Met up with my friend Jenn, and we went to Cha for Tea for a little bit, just catching up and whatnot. Unsweetened Rose tea there is so good hahah. After that, I met up with Katrina, and we went out to California Fish Grill to grab some dinner. It was my first time there, but oh wow was I pleasantly surprised. I got the Mahi Mahi with Cajun seasoning, and it was incredibly satisfying. Just the right portioning, and you don’t end up feeling like crap afterwards hahah.

Sorry, iPhone refused to focus in that lighting hahah.

After that, we went to Target and Ralph’s to pick up a few things, then I dropped her back at her apartment and drove back home to LA. Chilled for a while, then get a call from Francis and Allen that instead of going to Mr Coffee, they wanted to go to Jtown to grab food from Suehiro Cafe. Called my other homie Justin, then we all met up in front of Suehiro. Once again, sick food poundage hahah. If you’ve never gone there, definitely check the place out if you have a late night craving for Japanese food. They’re open till 2AM!


So simple, but so good.

Nabeyaki Udon. So scrapes!

Also usually get the Sukiyaki there. Ridiculously good at 2AM hahah.

So Friday officially marked the end of the diet, even though I started eating out again on Thursday hahah. My friends and I took a while deciding where to go eat. First we thought of Broddard in Westminster, then Brazilian BBQ around the area, then Sushi in J-town. We eventually decided on all you can eat Shabu Shabu in J-town. Not much to say other than




Hahah we eventually blew threw 28 plates of meat. I felt kind of bad for our server, since every time he dropped off new platters, within 5-10 minutes we’d be done with all of them LOL. Total came out to $41 per person w/ drinks. Totally worth it!

Kushi Shabu in Weller Court.

Got our own little secluded room. Check out Rogansan right thurrrrr. Ladies.. he’s single and ready to mingle LOL.

Mmmm… vegetables. Mochi too!

Our first tower of meat.

Yea, I’m sexy LOL. Imagine six dudes blasting 28 plates of those hahah.

Let the cooking begin!

Chawan Mushi is the JAAAAAM.

It ain’t hot chocolate, that’s for sure. That’s all the fat, protein, and oil sediment from cooking all that meat hahah.

Nice simple way to end the meal.

After dinner, we were all feeling rather bloated, so we walked around Jtown for a while to try and help digest. While walking, I encountered this:

Yea. Creepy. Apparently it’s some hostess club upstairs LOL.

Afterwards, Takashi, Allen, and Franco peaced out, so Justin, Logan, and I went to Justin’s house to kick it and chill. Ended up playing some random games like Need for Speed, Street Fighter Alpha, and PUZZLE FIGHTER LOL.

Logan drifting on NFS hahah


Ended up getting home around 4, and slept at around 7.

Saturday was a really chill day. Woke up sick late, chilled around the house, drove out back to Arcadia, washed the C63, went out to dinner at Coconut Bay, then ended up at Mr Coffee with Allen, Francis, and Justin hahah. That was about it for that night =P

Today, went home to eat lunch with my parents, and they did a little early ceremony thing for my birthday this week hahah. Barney saw me pull into the driveway, and he went crazy lol. I love my dog hahah.

Sitting in my trunk.

Yes, I know I need to clean my trunk out hahah.

After that, drove out to Marina Del Rey / Gardena area to meet with Justin and Allen, so Allen could continue his bike hunt. Needless to say, didn’t work out so well hahah. We went out to Gardena Ten Ren afterwards, threw down more food, then rolled our separate ways.

Noodle with egg, Fried Tofu, Fried Chicken, Fried Squid Balls, and Takoyaki. Wash it down with a large Chrysanthemum Tea… DONE DEAL.

My god was there a lot of traffic back on the 110 LOL. I got home, and really wanted to take a nap, but had a ton of work to do so I sat down and got crackin. Around 8, got a little hungry again so I decided to grab a quick snack.

Organic milk and this Japanese bread thing. Hokkaido Cream Flavor!

Did more work until around 10, just in time for Entourage! Whipped up a quick late dinner as well.

Seasoned Chicken on top of a bed of greens: Asparagus, Spinach, Green Beans, and Mushrooms.

So yea. Looks like those seven pounds I lost throughout the week have already been negated LOL. Oh well. Time to start all over hahah. I once again end this post with another random comic.

I’m out.

– Chazzy Phizzle

Hmmm… smells like… SATISFACTION. Sweet, sweet satisfaction. Why, do you ask?


Things are going well so far this week =)

Starting yesterday, I decided that I’ve been spending too much money by eating out so often, which in turn has made me gain some weight. So, I told myself that for the rest of the month I’ll either be cooking my own healthy meals, or eating something healthy out if the option to cook is not there (ie lunch at work). I went out to Mitsuwa yesterday and bought a ton of healthy fruits and vegetables, chicken breast fillets, some pork, and some other small things. So far, things have been going well. Been eating light nutritious meals for breakfast, sandwiches and whatnot for lunch, and cooking up some dishes for dinner. Also have started going to the 24 Hour Fitness down my street again, and that’s already paying off. Hopefully, nothing will tempt me too much to stray away from my diet, but I already know at one point it’ll happen hahah.

Here are the past two dishes I’ve made for dinner yesterday as well as today.

Yesterday: Cold soba w/ my own tsuyu mix, some spinach and bean sprouts w/ garlic, all washed with some fresh green tea.

Today: Stirfry’d chicken breast with some asparagus, green beans, and mushrooms thrown in the mix. This time washed with some freshly brewed Mango Ceylon tea.

So far, things are going well. We’ll see how things go as time progresses.

Now then, many of you know about my dog, Barney. If you don’t, I own a now 1 1/2 year old purebred Maltese male. I don’t really get the chance to play with him as much as I used to, since I let my parents take care of him to keep them company. I took some time in the morning to play with him, and snapped some pictures in the process.

Mom washing his paws after running around outside hahah.

Awww all clean!

Drinky drink!

Wipe after drinking! I swear, my parents take care of him more than me LOL.

Watching me as I eat lunch, hoping I’ll sneak him some food hahah.

I’m actually hoping to get another Maltese, or maybe a Yorkie this time so he can have a friend to play with at home. The search continues I guess hahah.

Now then, #3. My Blackberry is starting to get a little “outdated” (yes, you heard me say it. you know how I am with technology and whatnot!), even though I’ve only had it for about three months now LOL. What’s the solution? Order the new Google G-1 hahah. I ordered it online, and I got it for $200 + a $50 rebate. The phone comes in on November 10th, so after I play with it a little I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Should be interesting. Excited to play around with it and see what kind of 3rd party apps will be available for it!

That’s pretty much all that’s gone on this week so far. Already though, things are going well, and I’m hoping that the rest of the week stays at that level.

Oh also, here are those engine pics I promised off the C63. Pictures were shot with my iPhone, so they’re not the highest quality, but get over it hahah.

Mmmm 6.”3″ liters of absolute joy.

Each engine comes numbered, as well as signed by the master technician that hand built your engine.


Another post for you all soon!

One love,

Mr. Three-Days-in-a-Row Chaz Tsai

PS. Juhee is so very smart… and stuff. ???. LOL.

10:50:44 PM : post something about
10:50:44 PM Chaz Tsai: lol
10:50:44 PM : me too
10:50:47 PM : how smart i am
10:50:48 PM : and stuff
10:51:30 PM : but please dont write “she told me to write about her”
10:51:31 PM : ill sound like a
10:51:34 PM : desperate housewife
10:51:34 PM : =(
10:51:40 PM : or look * like a
10:51:54 PM : actually dont write about me
10:51:55 PM : im shy
10:51:58 PM : LOL
10:51:58 PM : :-[
10:52:07 PM Chaz Tsai: now that you said not to
10:52:11 PM Chaz Tsai: i’m going to have to do it
10:52:15 PM : LOL SO MEAN
10:52:16 PM : but
10:52:18 PM : will i be famous?
10:52:22 PM Chaz Tsai: lol
10:52:28 PM : hahaha
10:52:38 PM Chaz Tsai: psh you’re already famous but don’t know it
10:52:41 PM Chaz Tsai: just because you know me
10:52:45 PM : LOL

Done deal! =P hahahah.