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Soooooooo. Chaz is hungry. What to do.

Seeing as I didn’t eat dinner, and I was starting to get rather hungry, I started thinking about what to eat. Luckily at that time, my homies Justin and Logan were hungry too, so we decided we’d roll to somewhere in J-town to grab some late dinner. We were having a tough time deciding where to go, until out of nowhere Honda Ya popped into my mind. Honda Ya is NEVER a bad idea, so we all agreed and met up at the plaza around 10:30. As we sat down, our other homie Allen (aka BTUNE) came too. From then on, it was pretty much just mad food pounding hahah. Pictures will definitely be better than words here.

Start things off right with some asparagus bacon, beef tongue (my personal favorite), some white meat, and some pork belly.

Round two, with some chicken skin and chicken cartilage (2nd favorite).

Round 3: some Takoyaki and Niku Jaga.

Round 4: Jumbo Shrimp and Japanese peppers (note: I don’t smoke, used Allen’s cig pack for scale LOL).

Round 5: Nasu Miso! (Eggplant w/ Miso sauce)

Round 6: Chicken Gizzard, chicken heart, bacon wrapped tomato, age cheese (fried cheese), and age tempura cheese.

At that point, we kept ordering, but stopped taking pictures hahah. We eventually hit about round 12, where we ended up with this:

Quite a lot of skewers.

Total bill came out to about $172 w/ tax + tip, so not toooooo bad. I mean, pretty bad for a late night “dinner,” but it’s all just too good to really care hahah.

If you haven’t been to Honda Ya before, either the LA location or the Tustin location, you definitely need to roll. Here are some of the must-have items.

Regular Items:

– Kakuni Pork
– Age Cheese / Tempura
– Agedashi Tofu
– Nasu Miso
– Takoyaki
– Chicken Salad
– Grilled Saba
– Niku Jaga

Skewers (Yakitori):

– Chicken Heart
– Chicken Gizzard
– Chicken Skin
– Chicken Cartilage
– Chicken Thigh Meat
– Japanese Beef w/ Mushroom
– Beef Tongue
– Asparagus Bacon/Enoki/Sausage
– Jumbo Shrimp
– Japanese Pepper

There’s a fair bit more, but they won’t come to mind right now. In any case, you should all definitely check the place out and find out what your personal favorites are. There’s quite a bit of variety in their menu, so you definitely shouldn’t be ordering the same thing more than once until you try the majority of their menu. And if you ever want to go, but can’t find someone to go with… I’m always down for some Honda Ya action =)

Have a great week everyone!

– Charlie

P.S.: Look! Two posts in two days! I’m on a roll LOL.


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  1. Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

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