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So I rode the bike around a few days ago, and finally snapped a few quick shots off my iPhone.

Mmmm… 16.5K Redline. I hope I never ever hit the rev limiter on this thing. That would equal DEATH.

All in all, sick clean bike. Had 1103 miles on it when I picked it up at the beginning of the month lol. Though it did ride pretty awkwardly for a while until earlier this week, when the homie Justin met up with me at Mr Coffee and tuned the suspension right then and there, right in front of our table, so everything was to my specs. Turns out the two front forks weren’t in sync as well… aka left side was on almost full hard, while the right side was almost full soft. Yea. And I wondered why I had to lean so much more to actually turn right… now the bike rides like butter. Actually absorbs the bumps and potholes of LA hahah.

Anyway, I finally ordered a gang of parts for the bike earlier this week as well, so soon I won’t have to worry about those nasty front stalk-eye turn signals and the fender. Also ordered new levers, a smoked double bubble, new helmet and gloves, and other various goodies I will share with you all once the parts all come in later this week and I have everything installed on the bike.

Also, for all of you who wonder how I eat out at so many places, and yet am still able to keep *somewhat* of the same size? (even though I’m bigger than I was a year or two ago LOL). This is thy answer:

Ahhhh good ol’ Metamucil. You keep me alive and running.

Till next time.

– The Chaz.


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