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First off, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and hung out with me this past week/weekend. You are all awesome =)

Anyway, if I could use three words to describe the week..




Yep. Pretty much for FIVE days in a row, my friends and I have gone out to a ton of different restaurants and just destroyed ourselves with food. Needless to say, I’ll be dieting quite a lot now… after Vegas this week LOL.

So then, we begin with one of my old favorites: Shin Sen Gumi (Tuesday)

First order: Fried sweet potatoes w/ Butter. RIDICULOUSLY good.




Chicken thigh meat.


Meatballs. One of my favorites.


Chicken Skin. Another one of my all time favorites!


Bacon Wrapped Tomatoes. Careful when eating… they explode in your mouth!


Grilled Onigiri. The meal topper.


GYUTAN aka Beef Tongue! Still my top favorite!


Asparagus Bacon.

That was the start of my birthday week. Next stop: THE PANTRY. (Wednesday)

But before doing so, we had to stop by Cafe Mak for some drinks and a snack.


Sweet Potato Cake. DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone. Not too sweet at all.


Actually, don’t seem to have any pictures of the Pantry, but I do have this one where Justin and I rode over, while Btune and Francis drove.

Next stop: Sakana. (Thursday)


Went with parents for lunch on my birthday. Dad knows the chef personally, so we get a little more priority service hahah.

Only took one other picture:


Salmon Skin Hand Roll.

Next stop: Machi. (Thursday)

Parents wanted to do a little something for dinner with their friends for my birthday, so we went to Machi, they cut cake, ate some food, then I had to roll out to Green Field Churrascaria, since the Aspec dudes were taking me out to dinner.


Taiwanese thing. Hard boiled eggs.


Pork’s Feet noodle. Super good.

Now to Green Field. (Thursday)


Nice place.


Pre-Allyoucaneat-BBQ. Balance everything out with some greeeeens.

Didn’t take any pictures of the BBQ, as they served everything to us quick-style, and none of us remembered to take any pictures LOL.

Needless to say, we all got pretty destroyed by the bbq. My homie Justin brought us some goodies afterwards for dessert, thanks to his wife that works down at Bonjour down in Gardena.


Yep, they call me Charles. aka MF Charles.



Anyway, after all that, we sat outside for about thirty minutes, just relaxing and trying to digest all the food we just ate. We ended up wanting to play games for some strange reason, but didn’t want to drive down to Gardena from West Covina, so we drove down next to Mt Sac to Super Arcade, and chilled around till midnight when they closed. Afterwards, we drove back to Ktown to Mr Coffee, and we kicked it till around 3. Good times.


Logan and Btune battling it out on Puzzle Fighter.


Mr Coffee.


On the way home, had to stop for some gas. Yes, that is the price of PREMIUM last Friday. Made me so happy LOL.

Now then, Friday was pretty uneventful. Just a nice relaxing day, putting on some of the parts that came in for the bike.


Fender eliminator and tag cover makes the bike look so much better already!


Installed the double bubble, flush mount turn signals, stainless anodized bar ends, and asv shorty levers.


Yep. That license plate does indeed fold down and disappear when you get up to speed.

Now Saturday. Ohhhh Saturday. You did me so dirty LOL. Woke up sick early to go with Allen and Justin to check out a few bikes that Allen was interested in. Nothing really interesting, so we drove around and ended up at Mel’s in Hollywood. Can’t ever say no to Mel’s.


the Highland location. Other one is better, but this one is still great.


I ordered Corned Beef Hash w/ three eggs, Justin ordered Meatloaf w/ Chili Cheese Fries, and Btune ordered a Chicken Salad Sandwich. Super good and satisfying, but your stomach will hate you afterwards.

Afterwards, went home to take a quick nap, as I had to get to Roy’s in Pasadena for my friend Dana’s birthday dinner by 8:30.


Forgot how expensive this joint is.


Yep. You read that right.


Appetizer Canoe. The lobster dumplings were my favorite.


Simple salad. Nothing really special.


Seared Blackened Ahi Tuna. MAD good.


Dessert Sampler. Macadamia Nut Tart with that mousse on top.. done deal!

Total came out to $83 per person, not including drinks.

Now Sunday was a pretty chill day as well. We went out to Chatsworth for Allen to check out another bike he was interested in, but it turns out it got sold. But luckily, they had a super clean Honda CBR600RR for sale for $5500, so he picked that one up. To celebrate, we were thinking about going to Lawry’s, but they couldn’t take any more reservations that day, and we didn’t feel like waiting till 4 to go, then waiting another hour or so to get seated, so we decided to go to Gui Rim for some allyoucaneat BBQ action. If you haven’t been there, I recommend the following:

– Brisket
– Marinated Beef Ribs
– Pork Belly
– Chicken
– Beef Tongue
– Pork Neck
– Squid (Only available at Gui Rim 2 on Vermont)

Not much picture action this time as well.


Pork Neck cooking over sick flames hahah.

And what’s a celebration without some drinks?


Bek Se Ju. Quite good. Also had a bottle of Raspberry Soju, and Pomegranate Soju.

So that was pretty much the end of my birthday week(end). Good food, good friends, good times.

Now for that diet to begin.

After Vegas like I said.


– Charles.


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