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Alright. So.. I promised that I would actually update my blog and post today after coming back from Mr Coffee, and I really would like to, but after organizing and resizing all the photos that I’d be posting, I realized that just from the sheer amount of photos I would need to post up, it would really take me a solid hour or two before actually being able to finish. Seeing as how it’s almost 3:30 in the morning, and I still have to wake up rather early for work today, I’ll actually update with my actual fun-photo-filled post later on today.. FOR SURE. For now, before I go and pass out from exhaustion, I leave you all with one photo from SEMA last week, as well as another C&H comic. Yaaaaayyyy good times.


Ahhh the Brabus booth. Hopefully my C63 will be joining the booth during next year’s SEMA. Still talking out details with CEC and Brabus.


Found this one rather funny hahah. =P

Anyway, the rest of the pictures and the actual post will be up today, after I’ve gotten enough sleep!

Good night/good morning.

– Chaz


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