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Ahhhh yes… it’s that time again! Logan aka ROGANSAN’s 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Throwdown! This time, instead of being at his house in Irvine, it was at Opie’s house in Huntington Beach, since a lot more people were coming. So, after waking up super early, I went back to LA to buy ingredients and prepare my items for the potluck. I had to make mashed potatoes, asparagus, ribs, biscuits, and bring a few jugs of water. Total costed me about $70 for everything, so not too bad. Started boiling up the potatoes right as I got home, since they take the longest. Threw the biscuits in the oven, then started sauteeing the asparagus. Also threw some mushrooms, onions, and fresh mozarella on the asparagus, then covered everything with some fresh black pepper and some more olive oil.


Mashed the potatoes, then added some garlic and fresh pesto. Ribs were to be taken care of once I got there. Everything actually came out super well, other than the biscuits, which came out flat because my oven’s heat sensor broke, so everything was below temp. They were still good though, so I brought them along anyway hahah.

So I packed everything up in a large box, threw everything in my trunk, and headed off to Huntington Beach. Actually a fair amount of traffic on the 5S as always, but once I got on the 605 to the 405, it was all clear. The house was in a gated community, so I had to stop and tell the security guard who’s house I was going to, and he had to check his list to make sure my name was on it. Pretty hardcore, though not the first time I’ve experienced this hahah.


One of my favorites still to this day. Listen to that song when you need to get somewhere fast LOL.

First thing I noticed when I got there though.. the houses are SUPER nice. They’re all facing the water, and have their own private docks for their boats and whatnot. So dope.


So nice.

Anyway, once I got in, I put down everything that was ready to go on the table, and got back in the kitchen to help everyone out.


Working in the kitchen.


Opie throwing down some dry-rub on the ribs!


This came in handy at night when it got really cold hahah.


Yep, that’s their own personal boat in their “backyard.” Yoshi grabbing the first beer of the day as well.


Must be nice waking up to this every morning.


Justin working his magic on my rack of ribs.


Opie slicing up the first two racks.


Mmmmm… so good.


Turkey #1!


Prepping the Salmon for grilling. Cedar planks.. only way to do it!


Pigs in a blanket! Bacon wrapped figs. AMAZING.


Taizo’s UNIVERSE FAMOUS Guacamole. You haven’t had good guac until you’ve tried this!


Amazing spread. Not even everything yet!


Taizo’s Spam Musubi. These were gone QUICK.




Ready to carve.


Logan: master turkey handler.


Came out so good.


Some more spread!


Everyone lining up to get food.


Time for turkey!


Plate #1. Already super dead after this plate LOL.


LOL. “I want to rub his DOME.”


Wii’n it up.




Carving up Turkey #2!


Rogansan “schoolin da youf” on how to properly carve a turkey.


Homemade stuffing, and homemade gravy. Awesometown.


Justin double-fisting. Red in one hand, white in the other.

I ended up leaving around midnight to head back to LA. Definitely would’ve stayed longer, but figured I should get back early so I could sleep. Yea. That totally worked LOL.

This year was definitely a GREAT success. Great food, great company. Can’t ask for more than that.

Till next time!

– Chaz


  1. Holleration!

    Thanks for the cooking help MF Charles!

  2. Also

    I think your pyrex dish is still at Opie’s haha

    Ill grab it back for you

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