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Ahhhh 21 Choices.. still one of my favorite frozen yogurt places in the area. I do still prefer the “korean” aka “pinkberry” style of frozen yogurt, since it’s a bit more tart and not nearly as creamy, but if I’m feeling for something a bit more sweet, 21 Choices is the #1 option.

Anyway, yesterday, November 25th, was quite a special day. Yes, that wondrous day where 21 Choices opens their doors and offers everyone FREE, yes FREE, frozen yogurt. So after my day ended, I headed over to Occidental to pick up Juhee, Gina, and Tiffany. HOWEVER, Tiffany couldn’t go since she had to finish an essay, and Gina needed to go pick up her car from the dealership out in Glendale . Psh. Flakers! LOL just kidding. So I dropped her off first, then Juhee and I headed over to Old Town. 21 Choices.. here we come!


Surprisingly, not packed like we thought it would be. Guess they did a good job being incognito about it all hahah.


Hmmm… I wonder…


Choices of the day! Notice how they put “freefreefreefree” at the bottom hahah. So sneaky.


Juhee got SWEET STRAWBERRY, while I opted for PUMPKIN PIE. Her’s was good.. but not nearly as good as mine LOL.


Love this place.

Alright, that’s the quick update from me today. Back on the grind.. things are getting busy here at the office.



– Charles


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