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So, I still haven’t posted up about Thanksgiving weekend because of the workload from the week, and I’m sorry LOL. I would have posted this weekend, but I’ve been out at Buttonwillow Raceway for some quality track time with my R6. I’m still here actually hahah. Today’s the last day, and I hope to improve my times by a good 4-5 seconds by the end of the day! I will post about this weekend, plus thanksgiving weekend once I’m back in town later tonight!



LOL. I laughed pretty hard at this one.



Hope I don’t crash today LOL.

Till next time!



  1. feels like i haven’t left you a comment in awhile ! so here i am. TEHEHE HELLO
    oh and .. u know that picture of me is copyrighted right…? u should have just asked me and i could just pose for you =(
    HAHA wtf am i saying?! sorry im like really brain-dead. =( YAY two more finals to RAPE and im DONE. !! BLU JAMSSSS AND KOREANA FOOOD HERE WE COMEE

  2. Lol no

    You fail because you be unoriginal with your girl picks

    Bastage don’t mooch off Rogansan blog

    Rogansan blog will crush this blog!

    Korakuuuu rawrerrrrrr

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