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Yes yes.. I’m horrible with keeping this thing updated like I used to. I swear it’s not my fault LOL. I’ve had a LOT going on this month, and haven’t really had a break till well… winter break hahah. So then, let’s see if I can recap some of what’s happened this month and from the end of November, starting from Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day.

Parents gone, sisters gone, none of my family in town. I had planned to just chill at my house, and maybe cook up a few dishes later that night so I’d have a gang of leftovers for the week, but as I was about to hop in the shower my homie Justin hits me up and tells me to come over to their pad since they were having Thanksgiving lunch. Sure, why not?



Pumpkin Cheesecake. So amazing!


Enjoying a nice glass of Yellowtail Reserve while watching movies with the friends.


Angie the dog. So hyper around people hahah.


Justin and his bacon. Insane how he can still eat after all that food.

After that, I totally don’t remember what I did besides go home. Coffee probably? LOL.

The next day, Allen came over and we just kicked it for a bit until Tuan came over later on for dinner, where we decided to Gui Rim it up.


Can’t go wrong with Brisket!


Mmmmm… so good.


I seriously eat almost four bowls worth of salad alone. No joke.


Yep. That’s Btune’s finger.


Cold Noodle to end the meal.

Afterwards, we went back to my pad to Wii it up a bit, till around 10 when we headed out to The Grove to watch Quantum of Solace. However, once we got in the theater, it was PACKED, so we ended up watching Transporter 3, which was actually pretty good. The chick was pretty annoying, but that’s about it LOL. Hit up Mr Coffee afterwards as usual, then went home and crashed.

On Saturday, we finally all woke up early and decided it was the perfect day for a nice cruise up Angeles Crest. Justin met me up at my house first so we could lube up my chain, then we rolled down to Lucky Boy in Pasadena to meet up with Allen. Got some gas, then headed up Angeles. Nice easy cruise, saw a gang of bikes rolling up and down with us. Nice thing is that if there’s a cop in front of you, bikers will always warn you beforehand. Pretty awesome. We got to the fork, then chilled and waited for Francis to roll up in his Elise. Once he got there, we continued up Angeles so we could hit up lunch at Newcomb’s Ranch.


Quick break at the fork.


Parked waiting for Francis to roll up. From left to right: Allen’s CBR, Justin’s R1, and my R6.


Francis’ Elise up at Newcomb’s Ranch.






Don’t know how riders can drink then ride back down LOL.


Bad choice getting the Enchilada Plate. Really good, but way too much food. Not good when you still need to ride down the mountain LOL.

After eating, we rolled back down, then stopped at the bottom so Francis and Btune could smoke real quick, then we each peaced back home. Took a REALLY long nap till around 8, then woke up super hungry, so I whipped up a quick meal.


Ribeye, some asparagus and mushrooms, and homemade mac n cheese. SCRAPES.

Now for Sunday, or as Logan appropriately named it.. the Last Day for a Fun Day (last day before the end of Thanksgiving Break), I decided to have a little BBQ throwdown with some friends. I woke up early around 9, then drove back to Arcadia to meet up with Allen at my pad. We hit up Costco to pick up a ton of meat and appetizers and whatnot. Came out to be around $250 worth of food LOL. I always end up buying way too much food for my BBQ’s. Oh well. A fair amount of people came, say about 15-20 people. Nice chill Sunday for everyone to just eat, drink, and kick it.


Just some of the stuff I bought at Costco.


Throwin on some Hot Links. BOMMMMBBBB.




Lathering up the pork loins with some teriyaki sauce.


My marinated pork loins. Came out great. Super tender!


Beer and lime shrimp! Bought the wrong bag of shrimp and bought peeled instead of in-shell =( still came out good though.


BBQ chicken drums. They looked burned, but it’s just the sauce hahah. Always a favorite among everyone =)


Waiting for someone to get thrown in.. LOL.


Beer supplied by Rogansan hahah. Good lookin out!


Surprisingly good. Super refreshing.


Good stufffffff.


Beckie swung by too! =)


Chillin after cleaning up.


I have no idea. LOL.


Food Coma-ing it up.


Gotta have the Wii Tennis setup for BBQs!


Your rides are safe at my house LOL.


Another “I have no idea” moment LOL.


Such a nice chill day.

Now we’re finally getting into DECEMBER territory! LOL.

December 2nd:

Nothing really went on throughout the day. Went to work, schooled it up, studied, that’s about it. Later on that night though, we were planning to go to Coffee, but we ended up getting really hungry, and decided to hit up Bossa Nova in Hollywood. Great place to roll for some gourmet pizza and pasta and entrees late night, since they’re open till 4AM!


So dope for late night eats.


Cheese Balls. SO BOMB. If you come here, you MUST order these.


Even the free foccacia is amazing.


Half Margherita, half custom. Both amazing, but I’m still super partial to Margherita, just for it’s delicious simplicity hahah.


Shrimp, chicken, and italian sausage pasta. Really really good.

And of course, had to hit up Mr Coffee anyway ahahah.


Getting in the Christmas Spirit much? LOL.

Later on in the day, my friend brought my pups back home so I could play with him, since he’s been staying with her while I’m busy throughout the week.




He looks like he’s tired, but he’s actually super happy to see me. He always gets into this position and wags his tail when he wants to play LOL.

Then later on that night, picked up Juhee and we went to Mr Coffee because she was craving Green Tea Ice Cream. What else is new right? LOL. Also swung by Hodori so she could get Duk Bok Gi for her and her friends. She also gave me another goodie bag, this time filled with my favorite chips EVER.


Yay! Thank you! =)

December 3rd: Pretty much did the same thing, but ended up rolling out to Canter’s for dinner with the Btune.


Roll here for awesome late night sandwiches and other deli food!


Bar always has live music too.


Huge place. Another section in the back too.


Half Downtowner, Half Reuben w/ a side of Potato Salad. Bommmbdiggity.

December 4th: Got bored studying, so picked up Juhee and her friends from Oxy, and we rolled down to Westwood for some Diddy Riese LOL. I bought an ice cream sandwich and two dozen cookies. A little overkill, but whatever hahah. Also stopped by UCLA so the girls could say hi to some of their friends. Dropped them back off, then went home. Ate a bag of chips, and opened up my new exhaust pipe for the R6 =)


Oatmeal Raisin w/ Walnuts w/ Vanilla ice cream. MMMmmmm.


Two Dozen cookies!


Never ceases to satisfy =P hahah


Akrapovic Titanium pipe. Bike sounds sick good now. Wooooooooooo!

December 5th: BBQ round 2. Used up the leftover meat from round 1 LOL. Just a small thing among like 7 people. Chilllllll.


Two racks of ribs, some carne asada, and some more hot links.


Sick meat! LOL. Way too much food hahah.
Forgot to take pictures of the carne asada and hot links, but rest assured they came out delicious as well hahah.

Anyway, this will be Part 1 for the time being. Part two will come later on tonight, as I need to stay awake till I get on the plane tomorrow morning in order to sleep well all the way to China LOL.

Check back in a few hours! =)




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