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Alright! So my original plan of posting while I was in China totally didn’t work out too well, since for some odd reason I could not access any wordpress website, as well as other US sites. I did have quite a good time in China, since it was a much different experience since I last went, which was nearly 8 years ago LOL. I did take an overwhelming amount of pictures, but they still need to be resized so I can post them up here. I won’t be posting everything, since that would seriously be way too much overload, so I’ll be choosing a few choice photos and I’ll post them up either tomorrow or Monday, depending on how crammed I am tomorrow. For now though, even though I’m a bit late..

Merry Christmas / Happy New Year!

Resolutions for 2009?

– Get back in shape. For real.
– Find a nice daily after the FX’s lease ends in May.
– Focus more on school.
– Become a better track driver/rider.
– Learn to manage my money better.
– Maintain my closeness with friends and family.
– Invest in more profitable companies/opportunities.
– Find a clean Ducati 749 Dark so I can make the R6 a dedicated track bike.
– Continue working on getting rid of bad habits and other problems.

There are probably a few more, but that’s all I can really think of for the time being.

Now then, I won’t be leaving without at least posting SOMETHING with value, so I’ll be posting about my favorite ramen place ever: ASA Ramen


Right off the 405 on Western in Gardena/Torrance. Can’t miss it.


Make sure you walk in this door though, since the place next door with the same name is actually a japanese hostess bar LOL.


Still packed, even at 1AM!


Now then, what to order when you’re here? I always get the Kotteri Shoyu ramen with extra chashu and the shoyu egg, plus an order of Takoyaki, either original or mochi cheese, depending on what I feel for that day.


What’s also dope is that they serve ORION here! Still my favorite japanese beer of all time.


Ramen’s here!


Takoyaki THROWDOWNNNN. Left to Right: Original, Mochi Cheese, and Mochi.

Total came out to be about $93 among three people, but that was because we ordered three bottles of beer, otherwise the bill wouldn’t be nearly as high hahah. Still, very satisfying, especially after having a long day. Drinking hot soup just makes everything better.

I definitely recommend any of you who haven’t gone to Asa before to go whenever you have the chance. It may be a bit out of the way if you’re not in LA or nearby, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

Also, lately I was checking some blogs around, and stumbled upon Shino’s blog, where he posted up about a band in Japan named Aria Asia. Instantly in love.

She makes me want to start playing the violin again LOL. I mean, I played for 14 years of my life… a four year break isn’t that bad right?

I’m sure you all know this one from the guitar dude Jerry C. I prefer the violin LOL.

Now before I’m out for the night, there’s one more thing I’ve got to post. Ohhh yesss, you all know what that is LOL.


I’m out!

– Chaalz



  1. Woah.. blog revival. šŸ˜‰

  2. the only ramen I’ve ever had is Top Ramen

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