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So I was talking with the homie Allen the other day, and he linked me to his personal photo blog 2010 Photo a Day. I asked him why he decided to do something like that, and he said it was a tool to help keep him inspired to shoot more on the daily and to practice his shooting as well. He advised me to do the same since I only started shooting with an SLR a couple months ago and should do something like this to keep myself sharp and improve over time. Seeing as how he was the reason I even picked up a camera in the first place, I decided to heed his advice and make this blog into a daily photo blog as well, but still post event photos or other goodies.

And what better time is there to start this 365 ish than when I’m out of the country? Yep that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I’m back in Taipei working and enjoying life before hitting 2010 full hard. So sit back, relax, and keep checking back on the daily.

– Chaz


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