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*Updated about living on my own*

2009… oh where did the year go? This past year has gone by so quickly, my mind is actually still trying to register all that has happened. I still remember right in the beginning of the year, I was lost with my life. I was spending stupid amounts of money, I didn’t really have many close friends, I didn’t know what I wanted with my life, and was really just going around in circles. I decided to take a trip out to the motherland, Taiwan, for about a week just to get away from everything and to visit family during Chinese New Year. The trip turned out to be much more helpful than I could have ever imagined. I realized the importance of family, and just how dear my friends are. I visited a temple as well with my sister, and had my fortune read, warning me that the next two years of my life would be difficult, but if I got through those two years then my life would work out just fine. From then on out after returning to the states, I stopped just messing around and got down into a hardcore grind. I worked harder than ever at Kallusive, made sure to keep a good relationship with my parents by visiting and having dinner with them more often and speaking with them everyday even if it was just a quick phone call, talked with my sisters more, made sure I didn’t repeat any old habits I had already gotten rid of, and reconnected with a lot of old friends. I started making even more money, but more importantly, I started to SAVE my money and not just blow all of it at once. Needless to say, things were going amazing after my trip. And even until now, things are STILL going amazing. I truly feel happy with my life and the direction everything is going right now.

I have to say, one of the main reasons I had so much fun this year was because of the Rogansan crew. Although I’ve known a good bit of the crew for a while now (pre 07ish?) it was only until the beginning of 09 where I met the rest of the crew and so many other amazing people and started hanging out with everyone on the daily. Whether it be our almost nightly trips out to Ktown to Mr Coffee or Spot Coffee, our searches for amazing new restaurants and bars, our weekend trips to SF and other places… I cherished every moment. We may not hang out nearly as often as before, but all of them have always been there for me and I’ll always be there for them as well. This goes out to my other friends as well from high school and college. If you guys weren’t here with me, I wouldn’t be enjoying life nearly as much as I am now.

And of course, cars. Whether I want to admit it or not, cars do play a big part in my life. I love cars and I really can’t deny it. From modifying my own cars, helping with other people’s cars, or working at Formula D events and attending major motorsports events like the ADAC 24 hours of Nurburgring, I love it all. Each and every car that I own/have owned has a special place in my heart because I don’t look at cars simply as a tool; I look at them like a friend I can always rely on. One of the saddest moments I had this year was returning my FX after the lease had ended in March. Sure I didn’t modify it that much apart from the Air Runners and AMEs, but in the 26 months of ownership my FX and I had gone through more than you could ever imagine. I was even thinking about just buying off the lease, but in the end I had to let it go. It had done its duty and had the right to retire. Right after, I decided to pick up a new daily driver, as using my C63 or my R6 wasn’t really working out too well, so I bought my friend Sean’s Mini Cooper S. I drove it around for a good couple months, and even began modifying it (of course…), but then one day a new 370Z had caught my eye. So the next day during my lunch break, I went over to the dealer, and after talking about the car and test driving it with one of the sales associates, I drove home with a brand new Silver 370Z Sport. Stupid impulse buy? Hell yes. Do I regret it? Hell no. The car since then has already gotten a fair share of expensive modifications, and I don’t plan to see it stop any time soon. Of course, my C63 is still here, as is my BMW 6 series, but the 6 series’ lease will end this year in July, where shortly after I’m going to take my dad to the Porsche dealer and lease a new Targa 4S with him for him to drive as his new baby. What can I say… it’s dangerous when all the males in your entire family have a strong interest in automobiles.

Now then, Kallusive. Kallusive was a huge part of my life, and it still is even though I no longer work for them. Alex and Michael, my big bros, were essential in keeping me focused and making sure my life was going in the right direction. Had it not been for Kallusive, I really wouldn’t have ever found out that I really do love the clothing industry and would never have realized that I want to stay in this industry for the rest of my life. Lots of fun times were had with everyone in and out of the office, and I’ll always remember those good times. It’s been a good two years since I started there, ending in November of 09. I wish them the best of luck, and definitely want to see them prosper even more. I now work for the family business, which is still in the clothing industry, but on the manufacturing side of things. Our family business produces and supplies the textiles to large firms such as Juicy Couture, Under Armour, REI, Esprit, Nike, and many others. I’m now pushing even harder than before, as I hope that I can finish training and gain enough experience in the next few years so my dad can finally retire. He’s worked so hard to make sure our family lives a comfortable life, and as his only son it is my duty to take over for him and to make sure he lives a comfortable life after retirement.

My love life for 09 has been interesting to say the least. It feels kind of weird talking about it, because I’m the type of guy who doesn’t really like to talk about it too publicly, but oh well. I’ve gone through the entire year pretty much single. I went out on a few dates, some ending uneventfully, and some… well not so uneventful if you know what I mean LOL. I’ve met a lot of amazing girls this past year but I’ve also met a lot of horrible girls this year, starting with the standard GDB’s (gold digging bitches), to the drama queens, to the “I’m too good for you”s. It really was disheartening to see that there were so many of those girls in LA. However, there were three girls this year that I actually considered being in a serious relationship with. Two of them ended up not working out and therefore landed in the FZ (friend zone), but that still leaves the one. We’ll see how this goes for 2010, but I do have high hopes. I’m definitely at the time now where I really feel like I’m ready for another stable long term relationship. Sure it’s fun enjoying the single life, but it’s not something I can enjoy for the rest of my life. At the end of the day, I really do wish I had someone I could come home to after a rough day at work and talk about each others’ day and enjoy a nice simple dinner, and just sit around watching movies or simply enjoying each others’ company. Yea, I know I’m cheesy LOL. Let’s hope that girl is just as cheesy as me or can stand my cheesiness hahah.

Photography. One of my current hobbies that I never in a million years would have imagined that I would get so serious about. Starting from just picking up a camera and shooting aimlessly, I feel now that it is definitely something I love to do and could see myself doing in the future professionally on the side. As mentioned in my 365 post, the main reason I even picked up a camera in the first place was due to my friend Allen. He pushed me to pick up a camera and start learning, and teaching me and critiquing me along the way. My shots are much better now, but I still have much to learn and practice. Hopefully my photo of the day posts will allow me to improve and see the improvements along the year. Let’s see how things go.

My own place. I moved out of my Arcadia house pretty much right after high school and have been living in the LA area since. My parents supported the move, telling me it was actually a great idea since I would learn more about responsibility and learn how to support myself. I was still in the K-town house with three other roommates until mid-July, where I decided that although it was fun having roommates and all, I figured it would be easier to live on my own. I wouldn’t have to worry about collecting rent, collecting utilities, and if the house was messy I could only blame myself. So after the lease ended with the house, I found a loft in Downtown LA across from LA Live/Staples Center and moved in at the end of July. Living on my own is expensive of course, but for the peace of mind I gain it’s worth it. Rent is always paid on time, utilities are cheaper since I don’t use that much water and electricity, and the loft and bathroom is always clean because I’m ridiculously anal about cleanliness wherever I live. I absolutely love it here and out of the two previous areas I’ve lived in (J-town and K-town) DTLA is by far my favorite. I’m currently thinking about purchasing a condo/loft here in the area after my lease ends here, since the rent I pay here is so high already I can just pay a little more and buy a place, therefore building even more credit and equity. Not to mention as a first time buyer, I would be eligible for an $8000 bonus from the government. The long time homie Jim Phit (Coldwell Banker) has been helping me out and sending me listings of places currently available. I have my eye on quite a few places, so I’ll be researching and watching them for the next few months and when I finally make a decision I’ll let you all know.

My travels. If you know me personally, you know that I travel a lot. And I mean A LOT. In 09, I flew out of the country to Asia seven times and once to Germany. Many of the trips were for business, but there was still that sense of pleasure of just being able to get away from the states every now and then and breaking away from your daily routine. Each time I’m out in Asia, I visit my family members, chill with my amazing friends, and meet a ton of amazing new people, many that I can now call close friends. My most recent trip in December from the 15th to January 2nd back to Taiwan was the most amazing. So amazing in fact that I might actually end up moving back. It was exactly what I needed to end 2009 properly.

In short, 2009… hats off to you for being a damn good defining year for me.

Now for my 2010 New Years Resolutions.

– Get back in shape and lose at least 20 pounds.
– Spend less money and start saving more.
– Stop renting and buy a place in Downtown LA.
– Find a girlfriend and maintain a stable relationship.
– Maintain my closeness with my family and friends.
– Become even more successful with work.
– Improve on my Chinese and Japanese.
– Improve on my photography.
– Finish building the Z and start attending more track days.
– Sell my motorcycle.
– Travel to different areas of the world, not just to places I’ve already been to.
– Reconnect with old friends I haven’t talked to or seen for years.
– Be successful in my new upcoming investments and projects.

More resolutions if I end up thinking of any more. But for now, this will suffice.

Here’s to you 2010. Let’s make this the best year yet.

– Chaz



  1. Read the whole thing. Very inspiring. My goals are similar. I need to type up my own. Definitely agree with everything you’ve discussed. Definitely need those close friends that you can fully trust and I’m sure you’ll end up fine. And as for that “cheesy” part, I think most guys think like that, even if they don’t admit it. Cheers! Keep it up 😀

    good for you. things’ll only look up from here…push through for the parents! no pain no gain! im actaully gonna go to a temple this weekend down south, do some soul searching and see what life has in store for me 🙂 hope its a good reading haha…2010 definitely seems like a good year!

    see you soon i hope! you’ll always have a good friend in Maryland!!

    -jen, if you didnt catch the “ms. tokyo” reference DURRRRRRRRRRRRR

  3. I actually read every word of this, good for you Charlie. I must say it’s very heartwarming to get a sense of your personal growth through this post.

    Try to visit me in the UK, but if not–good job, you’re saving money lol which is one of your resolutions. By the way, don’t go FINDING a girlfriend! Relationships always come around when you’re not looking

    I’ve never been so excited for an upcoming year before, 2010 looks promising!! Good luck to you and I can’t wait to hang out again!! fai attention (that means take care in Français) my dear friend (;

  4. hahah thanks guys ❤

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