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Now then, it’s about time I recap on my Big Bear Trip this past weekend. After weeks of painstaking planning and dealing with people committing and flaking, everyone met up on Friday night at Liyang’s house so we could load up the cars with all the groceries, beer, luggage, snowboards, and gear.

Waiting for a couple more people.

I had to start rolling out a little earlier before everyone else did, as I had to roll down to Riverside first to pick up Charleen and Spencer. It wasn’t long of a drive at all, taking just under an hour to arrive at Spencer’s house. Mary and Remington helped load up their gear into my SUV, and then we began our journey up the mountains to our cabin up in Big Bear. The drive was relatively painless since it wasn’t that far away from Riverside, but since I was driving an SUV it definitely wasn’t as fun as it could have been driving those canyon roads hahah. Just imagine if I had my C63, 370Z, or my R6 up there… mad trouble for sure LOL. Anyway, we finally got to our cabin and started unloading the luggage so we could start getting settled in.

Our homely little cabin.

Setting up our boards.

Alvin and I first set up our air mattresses so we could start figuring out where everyone would be sleeping. I was in the master bedroom along with six other people: Tina and Liyang got the bed, Charleen and Mary would sleep on my mattress, Rem would sleep in his own sleeping bag, and Spencer and I would share the larger mattress.

Get a room you two.

Afterward, all of us started just lounging around waiting for everyone else to get settled in so we could start having some fun for the first night! And by fun, what else could I mean besides hookah, beer pong, and good company?

Waiting for everyone to finish setting up.

Jason and Peter setting up the hookah! Nothing but TANGIERS all weekend!

Girls making some jello shots!

Beer Pong.

The night went on with more drinking, more hookah’ing, and many more intense games of BP. Around 4AM, everyone decided it was time to knock out, as we would have a long day of boarding the next day and should get as much sleep as we can. However, since I was in charge of cooking for the weekend I would be getting the least amount of sleep as I’d have to wake up at around 7AM in order to begin preparing breakfast for everyone. Lucky for me, NO ONE woke up in time and slept until around 9ish. Unlucky for me, I woke up at 7 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I just ended up lounging around chilling with the few people who actually were awake. Around 9AM, I started cooking up breakfast. On the menu: breakfast potatoes, thick-cut bacon, bagels and cream cheese, and waffles.

Doing what I love: cooking!

Everyone got their fill of food, and after showering and getting dressed, we began loading up the cars so we could start heading to the slopes!

Loading up the cars conveyor style. Efficiency is key!

Of course, can’t start the morning off without a JELLO SHOT hahah.

Driving the mommy mobile for the weekend. AWD, comfortable, and safe, but SLOWWWWWWW hahah.

Almost there!

It took only about 15 minutes to get to the parking lot, where we unloaded all our gear and headed towards the shuttles.

Mary and Char excited to start boarding!

Once we got there, we decided to wait the 20 minutes until noon so we could buy half-day passes. Since I had some time to kill, I dropped off my board for some detuning and waxing, as my edges were SHARP as all hell and my board had absolutely no wax left on it. For $15 bucks, they did a damn good job. Changed some settings on my bindings, picked up my pass, then we headed to the lifts to figure out which run we’d hit first!

Ton of people waiting until noon.

Lift number 5 will be first up!

Overall, it was a great couple hours of boarding. Snow was somewhat packed, but did soften up as the day went on. However, right after the first run I realized it was TOO HOT to rock a jacket, so I dropped off my jacket in a rental bin and went up in my tshirt and a thin thermal. Perfect amount of insulation for the weather that day. I’d say I did about a good 8-9 runs, biffing it only a couple of times, and one time pretty hard going down run 5, where I attempted the “S” tubes and ended up launching over the edge of the second turn, giving my right arm some ice burn. Besides that, everything else was going well. Sadly, we didn’t realize until our very last run that the best run on the mountain was actually chair 9, which took you all the way up the mountain and where all the fun stuff was. It’s all good though! Always end the day with a bang right?

Done for the day! Waiting for everyone else to come down the mountain.

After everyone met up again, we headed back to the cars and loaded up the gear. A few people had to return some rentals, so we headed back to the board shop first, then over to Starbucks because some of the girls wanted some drinks. Rem, Spencer, and I had our eyes focused on something else though once we got there…


Yep. We had that craving for some PIZZA, and even though I was cooking up some Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner for everyone, I figured why not? We went in, ordered a pizza, and 20 minutes later we had a pretty damn good pizza in our hands.

Pretty good, though of course LA has way better pizza spots hahah.

We scarfed down the pizza quick style, and while Rem and Spencer went to chill, I headed to the kitchen where I began preparing dinner for everyone: Spaghetti with Marinara sauce, Meatballs fried in Bacon Fat, and freshly baked buttermilk biscuits.

You know you want some.

Everyone enjoyed the spaghetti and meatballs, so that made me happy hahah. It’s hard to cook with such limited supplies like spices, seasonings, and tools. After dinner, we all had some relaxation time to rest from boarding, so some of us went into the master room to play some Taboo, while the rest of the group headed out into the living room to play some BP “Baseball,” a game I was just introduced to that night. All I can say is this: it’s definitely one of the most intense games I’ve ever seen hahahah.

Taboo! “Unspeakable” fun =P hahahah.

Baseball. Too lazy to explain the rules, so you’ll just have to come out with us one of these nights to experience it for yourself!

Since we got back around 6:30ish and played games and drank for a couple hours after dinner, everyone started getting tired early on around midnight. Some of us, me included, passed out early around 12:30 while the rest of them continued on with some more BP and Taboo until around 3-4AM.

The next morning, I woke up a little later around 8AM in order to shower and get ready before everyone else woke up since I didn’t want to wait in line and risk having to take a cold shower again LOL. I started cooking up some breakfast for a couple people who were awake already. For breakfast: breakfast potatoes with onions and peppers, rosemary garlic potatoes, hash browns, hand-formed sausage patties, more biscuits and waffles. Sounds like quite a bit, and indeed it was! Had to finish off all the food before leaving alright?? hahah

Eating breakfast and watching Ratatouille on TV.

For the people who were lazy and didn’t want to wake up yet *coughLIYANGcough* I sent in Alvin to do some wakey wakey.

LOL. DO DA DUUUHHHTY. Video is up on my facebook hahah.

After everyone was full and dressed, we began cleaning up the cabin in order to avoid any penalties or fees for leaving trash behind or leaving the counter tops and stove messy. We also began loading up the cars again with everyone’s gear and luggage. At around 2PM, we finished loading and cleaning, and said our goodbyes to the cabin and to each other before heading back home.

The ladies of the trip, though two of them didn’t make it in the picture in time.

The dudes. Doing Brian’s “copyrighted” two-hander of course hahah.

Good times guys. Let’s definitely do this again soon! Maybe Vegas? Ahahahah.

Definitely an incredibly chill weekend with some of the chillest people ever. But of course after every weekend, it’s time to get back down to the grind.

Looking forward to this weekend as well. Snowboarding at Mt. High on Saturday!

– Chaz

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