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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Mo’ Sushi.


Stonebridge ft. Therese – Put em High

Samantha James – Breathe You In (KJ’s Soulful Mix)

Sushi Roku for dinner last night.

Goodnight yo.

Glass of wine to celebrate my Dad’s 55th Birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!

Lisa Shaw – Grown Apart

This song is probably one of the most commonly used songs in hip hop dance routines, and for good reason. This used to be my favorite song for the longest time until So Far topped it hahah.

*Watch/listen to this one in 480p! Sound quality is MUCH better*

Kelly Rowland – Work (Freemasons Remix)

First found this song off Ministry of Sound’s “The Annual 2009” album. That version though is a bit more electro which I love, but this version would probably appeal to you all more. However, if that sounds more appealing to you, here’s that version as well.