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I was watching TV the other day and stumbled upon the Man VS Food episode where Adam goes to Hawaii to tackle his challenge: FOUR pounds of blueberry pancakes. Aside from the ridiculous challenge, the other foods he tried that episode made me crave some Hawaiian food BADLY. Seeing as making Lau Lau would probably be a bit too difficult without the correct wrapping leaves and stuff, I decided I’d make some Loco Moco for lunch sometime this week. Since Friday is my day off from school and work, I figured today would be the best day to make this Hawaiian “Breakfast” dish for lunch.

Now then, Loco Moco is actually a relatively simple dish. Nothing more than some white rice, ground beef patties, easy-over/sunny-side-up eggs, and some brown pan gravy, when everything comes together into one dish it becomes one of the heartiest dishes you’ll ever have.

I used 85/15 ground sirloin this time, but I recommend using something with a bit more fat like 80/20 ground chuck. Added some kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, garlic POWDER (not garlic salt!), cayenne pepper, and a dash of worcestershire sauce. Nothing works better mixing meat than your own two hands!

Pan em up with some olive oil on medium-high heat. Need the pan hot in order to sear in the juices on both sides!

Want both patties slightly charred on both sides. Why? Because brown bits are DELICIOUS.

Oh yes.

After finishing with the patties, add half a can of beef broth (not stock!) and let reduce for a couple minutes. Add in a flour slurry (water + flour) little by little, until you see it start coming together and thickening. Cook a little longer on medium to cook out the flour taste and to let the flour do its job.

Once your gravy can coat the back of a spoon like this, you know you’re done. Leave it on a bare simmer to keep the gravy warm.

Should look similar to this once finished. I like my gravy a little thicker, so I let it reduce a little more. Add more salt and pepper to taste.

Now for the eggs. Some people like having their loco moco eggs sunny side up, but I prefer over-easy.


Plate up some rice, throw on the patties and eggs on top, and top everything with a hearty serving of the gravy.

Easy, quick, and so damn good.

Give it a try yourselves next time!


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  1. hahahh theres actually a curry joint that just opened in gonguan that makes that ish! SO GOOD

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