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I know I’m massively behind on posting, but hey this time I actually have a LEGIT reason! I’ve been cramming like crazy for finals for the past couple weeks, and FINALLY finished off everything last Thursday. However, even though I’m on spring break, work has been absolutely killer this week so I haven’t had much time for any fun yet. I’ll do my best to finish off all my work for the week so I have some free time to catch up on all my photos and so I can finally go up to Napa this weekend for some R&R.



  1. PSH… Napa? Well guess where I’M going after my deadlines? CHAMPAGNE REGION helllll yea, free all I can drink Champagne (:

    I win this time buddy!

    but good job with finishing everything!

  2. Damn man you really ARE massively behind haha good luck

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