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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hi, meet Kona.


Oh my I think I just melted.

Bowls LA does it right when it comes to Rucks.

Update: Sorry didn’t realize the 2nd video wouldn’t allow embedding. Fixed so enjoy!

Some mad OG house throwbacks for today.

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby

Alex Gaudino Ft Christal Waters – Destination Calabria

Destination Calabria is still one of the hottest MVs I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s just because I’m still a band geek at heart.

The laaaadiessssssss.

Tons of fixie riders trick in empty lots and whatnot… but how many of them do you see pulling tricks out on the open streets? Homie’s got mad skill doing stuff like this down the streets of Fukuoka.

(and yes, I do ride a fixed gear.)

(and yes, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve ridden it.)