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So one night after celebrating John’s birthday out in Redondo, all of us were walking towards the parking lot when my good friend Jimmy aka Mr. Attic and his girlfriend go to their car and bring back a bag of collars. Turns out they weren’t just some generic style collar… they were collars made from HEMP. Both him and his girlfriend love dogs, so they started up Harajuku Dog, making 100% all natural HAND-MADE hemp collars that won’t scratch or irritate your pups.  They handed one to me for my corgi Mimi, so I threw the collar on her once I got home and took some photos the next day. And I’ve gotta say, Eco-friendly never looked so good.

Mimi really prances when she walks.


Short legs = belly grazing the grass LOL

She loves her new collar!

The Polka Dog Collection – Cherry

The Inu Collection – Kanji

– Eco Friendly
– Hypoallergenic
– 100% hemp webbing
– 100% cotton designs
– hand made in the USA
– way less irritating than the generic nylon collars from Petco/Petsmart

and of course, THEY’RE STYLISH.

Check their website out HERE and add them on Facebook!


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