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Just a little about myself I guess.

– My real name is Charlie.
– You can call me Chaz.
– I live in Los Angeles.
– I love to cook. Whether it be for myself or for friends, I’m always down to cook up something. Food Network  and Travel Channel are pretty much the only channels on TV I watch.
– I have a HORRIBLE habit of shopping impulsively. I spend a ridiculous amount of unnecessary money on cars, electronic goodies, and clothes/accessories.
– Driving cars and riding bikes are my escape. I own three cars: a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, BMW X5 Diesel, and my newest acquisition is a 2012 Nissan GT-R. Yes, that car… the c*ck magnet. I recently sold both my Ducati’s as well: a 749R and a Sport Classic 1000. I miss them.
– I don’t do any drugs.
– Choices of poison: Scotch, Gin, or Vodka.
– I travel almost on the weekly. If I have the chance to stay home for the weekend, it’s usually spent relaxing and catching up on sleep.
– I am one of the easiest people to reach. I stay connected at all times, even while international.
– I never have a budget when it comes to food.
– I’m a food connoisseur. If you ever need recommendations on where to go eat, just ask.
– I’ll do just about anything for my friends and family. If they’re ever in trouble or need help with something, I’m there. You can be halfway around the world stranded, and I’ll still come.



  1. awesome blog! i love your tagline!

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