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Category Archives: Business

Just got back yesterday at midnight from New York. Attended Fashion Week for work of course, but forget that… I care more about the food. I’m taking care of the photos right now, so once they’re finished I’ll post up some of my trip.

For now, be mesmerized by the deliciousness that is Katz’s Reuben Pastrami Sandwich.

…and Luke’s Lobster.

Hate me now, love me later. More photos to come.



Not so serious.

You guys are awesome. Let’s make it happen.

Yes, I realize that once again… I’m extremely behind on my posts. I WILL get to them… just not today LOL. I’ve been running around getting work done, as well as researching and preparing for some new projects. No, they are NOT related to cars. Yes, they are businesses. I will explain in full once everything is done and ready to go, though it may not be for a while. All I know is that I’m definitely very excited, and once things get set up and begin rolling, it’s going to be LEGEN… wait for it….


Anyway, I’m also about 4 hours late for this post, but whatever. Be happy that I even posted up at all hahah.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

– Chaz