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Category Archives: Completely Random Stuff

Alright, clearly as you can all see I’ve failed with my 365 LOL. Things have been crazy from when I last posted a photo last May, so forgive me. I’ll be doing my annual end-of-the-year recap soon, and of course my 2011 resolutions… First off being to post more and neglect this blog less. Now that I’ve installed wordpress onto my iPhone, hopefully that’ll actually be true lol. Expect to see more ran(dumb) posts.

But hey, I’m back!


Still no word from the police or anyone about the Turbo, but we were able to narrow down the timeframe when the car was stolen. Definitely a professional job from someone who scoped out the car for a while since these cars are incredibly difficult to steal without using a properly coded key and transmitter.

Anyway, we’re still on the lookout, and with the help of the automotive community all around California and neighboring states, I’m sure we’ll hear word soon enough! Thanks to everyone who’s helping out!

These will help lighten the mood a bit!


This last one might take some of you a while to figure out, but if you do figure it out kudos to you hahah.

Tons of fixie riders trick in empty lots and whatnot… but how many of them do you see pulling tricks out on the open streets? Homie’s got mad skill doing stuff like this down the streets of Fukuoka.

(and yes, I do ride a fixed gear.)

(and yes, it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve ridden it.)

I know I’m massively behind on posting, but hey this time I actually have a LEGIT reason! I’ve been cramming like crazy for finals for the past couple weeks, and FINALLY finished off everything last Thursday. However, even though I’m on spring break, work has been absolutely killer this week so I haven’t had much time for any fun yet. I’ll do my best to finish off all my work for the week so I have some free time to catch up on all my photos and so I can finally go up to Napa this weekend for some R&R.

For this guy, quite far.

AND, he’s using Chicane’s new Come Back and Stay track. Awesome x2