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Just got back yesterday at midnight from New York. Attended Fashion Week for work of course, but forget that… I care more about the food. I’m taking care of the photos right now, so once they’re finished I’ll post up some of my trip.

For now, be mesmerized by the deliciousness that is Katz’s Reuben Pastrami Sandwich.

…and Luke’s Lobster.

Hate me now, love me later. More photos to come.


Ran a bunch of errands this morning in LA, including going to LA Superior Court to fight a retarded front plate ticket that I got FEBRUARY 2010 that should have been signed off but due to the ineptitude of the paper pushers at CHP… isn’t, and also to the LV store in Beverly Hills to have them adjust my belt for me. After finishing, met up with Violet for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien on Larchmont since she was in the area as well.

I ordered the rustic tuna with hummus and white bean tartine and she ordered the grilled chicken and smoke mozzarella tartine. Both were absolutely delicious yet light.

I was watching TV the other day and stumbled upon the Man VS Food episode where Adam goes to Hawaii to tackle his challenge: FOUR pounds of blueberry pancakes. Aside from the ridiculous challenge, the other foods he tried that episode made me crave some Hawaiian food BADLY. Seeing as making Lau Lau would probably be a bit too difficult without the correct wrapping leaves and stuff, I decided I’d make some Loco Moco for lunch sometime this week. Since Friday is my day off from school and work, I figured today would be the best day to make this Hawaiian “Breakfast” dish for lunch.

Now then, Loco Moco is actually a relatively simple dish. Nothing more than some white rice, ground beef patties, easy-over/sunny-side-up eggs, and some brown pan gravy, when everything comes together into one dish it becomes one of the heartiest dishes you’ll ever have.

I used 85/15 ground sirloin this time, but I recommend using something with a bit more fat like 80/20 ground chuck. Added some kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, garlic POWDER (not garlic salt!), cayenne pepper, and a dash of worcestershire sauce. Nothing works better mixing meat than your own two hands!

Pan em up with some olive oil on medium-high heat. Need the pan hot in order to sear in the juices on both sides!

Want both patties slightly charred on both sides. Why? Because brown bits are DELICIOUS.

Oh yes.

After finishing with the patties, add half a can of beef broth (not stock!) and let reduce for a couple minutes. Add in a flour slurry (water + flour) little by little, until you see it start coming together and thickening. Cook a little longer on medium to cook out the flour taste and to let the flour do its job.

Once your gravy can coat the back of a spoon like this, you know you’re done. Leave it on a bare simmer to keep the gravy warm.

Should look similar to this once finished. I like my gravy a little thicker, so I let it reduce a little more. Add more salt and pepper to taste.

Now for the eggs. Some people like having their loco moco eggs sunny side up, but I prefer over-easy.


Plate up some rice, throw on the patties and eggs on top, and top everything with a hearty serving of the gravy.

Easy, quick, and so damn good.

Give it a try yourselves next time!

My bad. I haven’t posted up pics and all that good stuff from my recent China trip like I promised. =( I’ve once again been really busy with work and other stuff going on in my life, and I kind of forgot about updating hahah. Fear not! I’ll FOR SURE post up tomorrow, since I don’t really have an excuse not to, as I’m currently posting from Taipei. Yep. That’s right. TAIPEI. I flew out yesterday from LAX at 2PM, and just arrived here not too long ago, roughly three hours ago at 8:30PM Taiwan time. Flight wasn’t bad at all, since I flew business class as usual (1st class is just too overkill IMO). The only thing that sucked was that I was pretty cracked out throughout the flight, since I purposely didn’t sleep the entire flight in preparation for the time difference here in Taiwan (+14 hours). Other than that, I had my macbook out the entire time, and finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of How I Met Your Mother LOL. Such an awesome show.

Anyway, here are a few pics from today to hold you all over till I post up China pics tomorrow.


The homie Jack dropping me off at LAX.


LAX mad empty. Checked in my baggage and all that in less than 5 minutes. No joke.


Hitting up the VIP lounge to pass some time before boarding.


Free food and booze!


Got leg room? I sure do LOL. Business class like usual. First class is overkill to me.


This made the flight super painless hahah.


Dinner time. Appetizer first!


Main course. I wanted chicken, but they ran out. Beef still mad good though!


Dessert time! Chocolate Mousse Cake and Fruit. Cake was awesomeTOWN.


10 hours in.. cracked out LOL.


Breakfast. Amazing as always.


I have arrived! Hooray!


Sister was throwing a get-together at her new place, so I had to scrape some food. Taiwanese bamboo shoots cooked in a special meat broth. SO GOOD.


Of course, 1st night in Taiwan.. just had to LOL. Lounging it up with some friends. Mad chill place. Ended up throwing down two bottles of macallan 12, and a bunch of other drinks. Also, guy to girl ratio of the entire lounge was like 1/3 LOL. Where in Cali do you ever see that? Yea that’s right NEVER.

Overall, great first night in Taiwan. Tomorrow is going to be LEGENDARY.


LOL. Classic.

Till tomorrow!

– Chaaalz

Alright! So my original plan of posting while I was in China totally didn’t work out too well, since for some odd reason I could not access any wordpress website, as well as other US sites. I did have quite a good time in China, since it was a much different experience since I last went, which was nearly 8 years ago LOL. I did take an overwhelming amount of pictures, but they still need to be resized so I can post them up here. I won’t be posting everything, since that would seriously be way too much overload, so I’ll be choosing a few choice photos and I’ll post them up either tomorrow or Monday, depending on how crammed I am tomorrow. For now though, even though I’m a bit late..

Merry Christmas / Happy New Year!

Resolutions for 2009?

– Get back in shape. For real.
– Find a nice daily after the FX’s lease ends in May.
– Focus more on school.
– Become a better track driver/rider.
– Learn to manage my money better.
– Maintain my closeness with friends and family.
– Invest in more profitable companies/opportunities.
– Find a clean Ducati 749 Dark so I can make the R6 a dedicated track bike.
– Continue working on getting rid of bad habits and other problems.

There are probably a few more, but that’s all I can really think of for the time being.

Now then, I won’t be leaving without at least posting SOMETHING with value, so I’ll be posting about my favorite ramen place ever: ASA Ramen


Right off the 405 on Western in Gardena/Torrance. Can’t miss it.


Make sure you walk in this door though, since the place next door with the same name is actually a japanese hostess bar LOL.


Still packed, even at 1AM!


Now then, what to order when you’re here? I always get the Kotteri Shoyu ramen with extra chashu and the shoyu egg, plus an order of Takoyaki, either original or mochi cheese, depending on what I feel for that day.


What’s also dope is that they serve ORION here! Still my favorite japanese beer of all time.


Ramen’s here!


Takoyaki THROWDOWNNNN. Left to Right: Original, Mochi Cheese, and Mochi.

Total came out to be about $93 among three people, but that was because we ordered three bottles of beer, otherwise the bill wouldn’t be nearly as high hahah. Still, very satisfying, especially after having a long day. Drinking hot soup just makes everything better.

I definitely recommend any of you who haven’t gone to Asa before to go whenever you have the chance. It may be a bit out of the way if you’re not in LA or nearby, but it’s definitely worth the trip.

Also, lately I was checking some blogs around, and stumbled upon Shino’s blog, where he posted up about a band in Japan named Aria Asia. Instantly in love.

She makes me want to start playing the violin again LOL. I mean, I played for 14 years of my life… a four year break isn’t that bad right?

I’m sure you all know this one from the guitar dude Jerry C. I prefer the violin LOL.

Now before I’m out for the night, there’s one more thing I’ve got to post. Ohhh yesss, you all know what that is LOL.


I’m out!

– Chaalz

Alrighty! So after a quick trip to Famima for some late night food and drinks, I’m feeling a bit more energized and hopefully can actually stay up now hahah. As promised, I will now finish up what I started.

December 6: Saturday.

Woke up early on during the day and grabbed breakfast with Tony, Jerome, and Dorothy at Mimi’s Cafe. Had a fair amount to do that day, so it’s always good to start the day off right with a nice filling breakfast!


Love coming here for breakfast.


Packed as always on Saturdays.


I ordered a large OJ, not knowing exactly how large it was going to be. Tony’s cig pack shown for scale LOL.


Eggs Florentine Benedict. Really really good.

December 6th: Sunday.

In preparation for the track, Tony and I headed out to Val’s pad so he could help me swap my tires from my stock Dunlop Qualifiers to some sticky icky Bridgestone Battlax BT002 RS tires. Took quite a bit of time, but hey for the price he charged me, definitely can’t complain!


About to get started.


Someone stole my rear wheel!


No power tools here.. all manual! Gangster!


Also finally threw the pipe on. A bit more difficult than it may seem LOL.

From then on, had to head back to the office to take care of a few things, then around 9 we loaded up the bikes, made sure we had everything good to go, then headed off to Buttonwillow for the rest of the weekend.


My baby loaded and ready to roll!


Jerome’s GSXR and Tony’s R6.


All prepped up.


Filling up the bikes now so we wouldn’t have to in the morning.


Only Tony would buy a Titan so we can all go tracking. LOL.


Arrived at Red Roof Inn around 1:30AM.

December 7th and 8th – BUTTONWILLOW.

Day 1 of track… not off to a good start LOL. It was FREEZING. Temperatures were at the mid 40s, with temperatures even lower on the track. It didn’t help that it was incredibly foggy and began raining shortly after the rider’s meeting.


Can’t even see past the pit area onto the track because of the fog.


Rider’s meeting to explain flags, course layout, and passing rules. Same as all track days pretty much.

The sun did end up coming out around 3ish, and that’s when things got REALLY fun =)


Biffed it from having cold tires and hitting the wet tarmac patch after Lost Hills =( All cosmetic though, so all good!


Yay sunlight and warmth!


Quick energy boost before my next session LOL.



Around 5, it started getting dark, so everyone packed up and began heading out to eat and head back to their hotels. We luckily got to park our bikes with the track organizers in their rented garage, so we didn’t have to load everything back up on the trailers. Saved quite a bit of time hahah. Afterwards, we were all STARVING, so we hit up Willow Ranch BBQ for some good BBQ. Now at this point, my phone decided to die, so I couldn’t take any shots of what I ordered =( But if it helps, I ordered a half rack of ribs which totally hit the spot after a long day of nonstop riding.


We got back to our hotel room around 7, then everyone pretty much passed out around 8:30-9 LOL.

Now for day 2, we woke up at 6, got ready, and headed to Denny’s for some breakfast before rolling back to the track.


Can’t go to Buttonwillow without hittin up the Denny’s!


French Toast Platter w/ Strawberries. I had about half of it, and couldn’t handle any more LOL.


Can you tell I’m not a morning person? ahahahah.


On the way to the track, we saw a dude heading over as well with his MV Agusta in tow with his Range Rover. 80K SUV + 30K Bike = BAAAALLIINNNNN.

Overall, Day 2 was a good bit better than day 1, although instead of getting warmer as the day went on, it started getting way COLDER. At least the track was dry hahah. However, quite a lot of people still ate it sick, simply from not waiting for their tires to warm up.


Albert, Tony, and Jerome ready to roll out to their session.


Around like 11:30 or so.


Still need to work on getting my body off the bike =P

That was pretty much it for day 2. Long tiring day, but definitely mad good fun. We started driving back to LA around 5:30, and got back home around 7:30. We first dropped my bike off at my LA house, then went over to J-town to Daikokuya for some hot ramen!


Always be prepared for a wait, no matter what day or time.


I prefer the Tsukemen to the actual ramen, since the chashu comes seared with the Tsukemen. Whichever you get, make sure you get the soup “Kotteri!”

We then drove back to Arcadia so I could pick up my FX from his house, then I drove back to LA so I could shower, then CRASH. However, instead of crashing, ended up at Mr Coffee LOL. What else is new right?

Throughout the rest of the week, nothing else really happened till Friday, where Juhee and I went to my favorite Breakfast joint for some breakfast hahah.

December 12th: Blu Jam Cafe.

I absolutely love this place. The food is amazing, healthy, and very reasonably priced. Not only that, but the atmosphere you get while eating there is awesome as well. The owner is almost always there, and greets you warmly and takes your drink order. He also checks in with you periodically, making sure your food is prepared how you like, and that there’s nothing wrong with anything. Awesome place for breakfast. Quite a few actors and celebrities roll there as well. Last time I went, Sandra Oh was sitting at the table right next to me LOL. Right on Melrose as well, so you can do some shopping while you’re there!


Love this place.


I ordered the Gourmet Benedict, which is a croissant topped with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and a dill hollandaise sauce.


Juhee ordered the Wraps on Fire. Really good as well. Spicy, but super satisfying hahah.

Afterwards, we walked around Melrose for a bit, digesting food and shopping around. Dropped her back off at Oxy so she could finish packing and go back home. I headed back home in LA, then just worked all day.

December 13th: Saturday.

Decided that I would be productive that day, and change the bike’s oil and clean up everything, including the chain. So early on, I waited for Allen to show up at my pad, then we drove down in my FX to Del Amo Motorsports, where we met up with Justin. Picked up a jug of Motul 300V 15W50, some Plexus, some Moto Wash, and an oil filter. I only trust Motul with my fluids, and SO SHOULD YOU LOL. Grabbed some lunch at Five Guys’ Burgers and Fries down in South Bay, then headed back up to my house where all of us got started on the bikes.


Ducati Desmonsedici RR on display at Del Amo. So beautiful =(


Great burgers and fries! Really big name on the east coast.


Time to get down and duuuuurty.

After we got everything done, we rolled back down to Gardena to King’s Hawaiian for some BREAD PUDDING.


Then after that, we all got hungry, so after Justin’s wife got off work, we hit up Old Time Noodle House.


Awesome joint.


Amaaaaazingly good! Spicy Dough Flake Soup!

After food, we all pretty much peaced out. Went back home, then crashed.

December 14th: Sunday.

My roomies woke me up around 10 so I could join them to go to the Larchmont Farmer’s Market. Good thing too, since I really didn’t want to keep sleeping in late hahah. We went around the marketplace for a while, then ended up at Cafe Du Village for some breakfast!


Got myself a veggie samosa at the market to hold me over till breakfast hahah.


Great place for french breakfast.


I ordered a Mushroom and Muenster Omelet. Soooooo gooooood.


Two of my roomies and Ivy!

Afterwards, I just kind of chilled at home till later on that night, where a simple trip to Mr Coffee turned out to be a collective gathering of almost everyone from the BROG LOL. We all kicked it, then got hungry, so we drove up to Pho 4000 up the street. Logan, Btune, Franco, and I weren’t hungry, and the lady probably would’ve stabbed us had we gone in to sit down with everyone and not ordered, so we chilled outside for a while until it got way too cold, then we peaced back to my house.


Outside for moral support LOL.


From Tree’s POV ahahahah.

We played some Wii for a while, watched some TV, then when it got sick late around 5AM, we decided it was probably time for everyone to peace and go home to knock out. Sure enough, I got in bed and passed out.

Monday: Nothing.

Tuesday: Got a REALLY nice surprise in the mail from my cousin, then hit up dinner at Fred 62 with Francis, Allen, Yoshi, Hiro, and Tuan.


You are amazing. Thank you so much! =)


Always good, though this is the earliest I’ve ever been here ahahah.


Tofu Chilaquile. Really good and satisfying.

Afterwards, it was way too cold to go out and do anything else, so once again.. peace and KO LOL.

December 17th: Wednesday.

NOTHING strikes more fear into the hearts of men than the word GALVATRON. For those of you not informed, Galvatron Wednesdays is a night every other wednesday at Bar C where the creators of the Galvatron go and take down records of people and how many they’ve drank. And if you don’t know.. a Galvatron is basically 6 shots, consisting of a double shot each of Bacardi 151, Maker’s Mark, and Patron. That night, Justin, Allen, and I had three each, Roy had 5, and Tuan had 1. I also used a cranberry vodka as a chaser for my second Galvatron LOL. Overall, it was a fun night… maybe not for Allen though LOL.


Bar C in the Honda Plaza.


So it begins.


#1 w/ a coke chaser.


#3 and still solid as a rock LOL.


#1 stop for btune LOL




Hit up the Pantry afterwards. Would’ve much preferred something like korean soup or pho, but whatever =P



After we ate, Justin drove me back to Bar C to my car, made sure I was straight to drive, then I headed back home. Got back with no problems of course, took a shower, ate a bowl of cereal, then went to sleep.

December 18th: Thursday.

Chilled all day, then Justin and Tree came over for dinner, where we headed out to Hodori for grub. No pictures because I got lazy hahah. Later on throughout the night though, met up with Btune and Francis and Tuan at Mr Coffee, then they got hungry so we went to BCD for some Soon Dul Bul.


Wilshire location. I believe I like the Western location better hahah.

I did have pictures of my food, but I ended up deleting them before uploading them hahah. Too bad!

December 19th: Friday.

Finished up a few things, then later on at night rolled out to Savoy for some Hainan Chicken!


MUST come here for the Hainan Chicken Rice.



Afterwards, went out to Ten Ren for a bit, then over to Btune’s house. Left around midnight, and headed back home to LA.

(can you tell I’m starting to get really lazy? LOL. It’s 5 in the morning and I need to be up for another 6-7 hours. CUT ME SOME SLAAAACK!)

December 20th: Saturday.

Was supposed to go snowboarding with Tuan and Justin, but had to stay home and be a good brother and wait for my sister to get home. Hit up REI to pick up a few things for China, then pretty much waited at home in Arcadia till my sister got home. Did end up taking a short nap while my parents went out to eat, and woke up with my pups sleeping next to me =)



Now Sunday, the 21st.

Logan, Justin, and I decided to roll down and meet up in Westminster aka WET MIN TA at Brodard for some lunch. Best spring rolls… EVER.


PACKED for lunch.


Grilled Pork Rolls!


Fresh Shrimp Rolls


Lotus Stem Salad w/ pork and shrimp. Really good stuff.


Chicken and potato curry.


And for dessert.. three more grilled shrimp paste rolls LOL.


Three dude throwdown. SICK food hahah.

Afterwards, Justin decided that a Bikini bar was in order, so we got in his car and he led the way LOL.


Oh noes?


Iced Coffee. SUPER strong. I had the shakes and my heart started hurting from drinking it LOL.


Photo Hunt.


“My ex” LOL.

We then headed back to Brodard to drop off Logan at his car, then Justin and I headed back to his house in Torrance. He finished changing out the clutch springs and weights on his Yamaha C3, and I rode it around. I’m so getting one next month now LOL.


Forget Ruckuses, C3s are the JAM.


Can’t beat that storage compartment.

Also before I left, he asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to buy a 30″ Apple Cinema HD monitor, knowing FULL WELL that I:

1) own a mac
2) love big monitors
3) can’t say no to great deals

Soooo long story short, I ended up with the monitor in my trunk, and in my room, then on my desk LOL.


Can’t say I don’t like how my setup is now though LOL.

Later on, Logan called and told me that Al was almost back down in the OC, and wanted to hit up Gyukaku, so around 8 I headed out for Huntington Beach. Sick RED ZONE twice in one day, but if you know me, you know how short drives like that are no problem for me hahahah.




Kept things simple and easy with an order of Bistro steak and Gyutan. Ate everything at a really slow pace, and it turned out to be just the right amount of food. Way good.

Headed back to LA afterwards, and my roomies and I were supposed to watch The Dark Knight when I got back, but they were already asleep on the couch, so I just let them sleep hahah.

Alright. I think that about gets everything back on pace and in line now. Keeping everything saved for almost a month, then posting everything in the period of a day is rather exhausting, so I’ll definitely try and keep everything up to date. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be at LAX in the morning, waiting to board the plane to China. I’ll be gone from the 23rd to the 1st, but I’ll be posting from China so no worries =)

Anyway, just 3 1/2 more hours until my shuttle comes. I can definitely stay awake till I get on the plane.

Hope you all have a great Christmas! Be merry, drink lots of eggnog, and spend time with your family!


LOL had to keep with the theme.

– Chaaalz.