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P’s are so sexy.


Been a couple days behind on posting photos as my Macbook pro is currently at The Grove’s Apple store getting a new superdrive installed, because my current drive decided to crap out and refuse to read DVDs all of a sudden. Hopefully should be done tomorrow. Working off my Asus Netbook really just doesn’t cut it =(

Testing, originally uploaded by The Chaz..

NAMBÉ champagne flutes

I know I know… total “welcome to LAST WEEK” status. I’ve been wanting to post up about thanksgiving weekend all week, but with the workload increasing at work, and finals on the line, I haven’t been able to spare the time to do so =(.






Now I usually would post up a random C&H comic at the end, but seeing as how I’ve lagged, I’ll 1-up it a bit this time.


I’ve probably just made every guy reading this happy, and every girl jealous LOL.

How about THIS?