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Ran a bunch of errands this morning in LA, including going to LA Superior Court to fight a retarded front plate ticket that I got FEBRUARY 2010 that should have been signed off but due to the ineptitude of the paper pushers at CHP… isn’t, and also to the LV store in Beverly Hills to have them adjust my belt for me. After finishing, met up with Violet for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien on Larchmont since she was in the area as well.

I ordered the rustic tuna with hummus and white bean tartine and she ordered the grilled chicken and smoke mozzarella tartine. Both were absolutely delicious yet light.


Alright, clearly as you can all see I’ve failed with my 365 LOL. Things have been crazy from when I last posted a photo last May, so forgive me. I’ll be doing my annual end-of-the-year recap soon, and of course my 2011 resolutions… First off being to post more and neglect this blog less. Now that I’ve installed wordpress onto my iPhone, hopefully that’ll actually be true lol. Expect to see more ran(dumb) posts.

But hey, I’m back!

P’s are so sexy.

Good turnout.

Spoiled pup.