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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Sorry everyone for the lack of updates! This week has been extremely busy for me, and I haven’t really had the time to update the blog. Then again.. not many interesting things have happened for me to blog about anyway LOL.

Quick recap of the week:

– Went to Spocom on Sunday and went around saying what’s up to old friends, as well as meet some new ones. Totally made me realize just how many people I know in this industry hahah.

– It’s hot as hell in the office.

– Stooky had a little hiccup lately, so Stanley (new owner) and I went down to Church to have him checked out. Turns out the EMS is having a few problems, so I shipped out the ECU back to AEM to have them test and repair it, and the coils back to Okada for them to run a few diagnostics. Hopefully that’ll get taken care of soon.

– How I wish I had a small A/C in my office.

– My coworkers and I have been swimming and playing ball all week after work. Refreshing to be able to work out and exercise. We’re all getting back in to shape before Magic in August!

– Oh god why is it so hot?!

– Susie and her new roomie think my deep deep voice is “scary.” Pft. I don’t know anyone that has a more deep, sexy, and soothing voice than I do LOL. Just kidding. You two better come on Saturday!

– Did I mention that it’s HOT?!

– Stopped by Endless yesterday to say what up to everyone, as well as FINALLY pick up my wheels for the FX lol. 22 inch AME Gracers + Air Runners.. pretty hot on the streeeets.


– Ended up buying another Xbox 360 to use at the office until I move into my new pad. Now we have all three major game systems in our office lounge lol. Hooray!

So other than that, not much else has gone on or is worth mentioning this week. This weekend however… probably going to be a fair bit more interesting wahahahahah.

Oh and Project FX has officially just begun. Starting with these bad boys.

That’s right. Be ready for when the project is completed in August.

Till next time!

Woof woof! (“Why is Charlie so awesome and why is his sister behind me such a dork?”)

That, Barney, shall forever remain unanswered.

– Chazzy


So a few days ago, I get an email from a friend of mine about a Perceptual Experiment. I had no idea what it was, but after trying it, I was actually very impressed. Basically, you have to count the passes between the students in white shirts. Sounds easy right? Ohhhh we shall see LOL.

Give it a try! =)

Susie is a jerk.

That is all. =)

2:26:29 PM REOR : btw.. your blog.. doesnt let me comment -___-
2:26:32 PM REOR : how retarded
2:26:35 PM Chaz Tsai: oh really?
2:26:37 PM REOR : apparently i have to sign up
2:26:48 PM Chaz Tsai: oh you can just use your email
2:26:52 PM Chaz Tsai: let me check
2:26:55 PM REOR : just to comment on yuor blog?!!? :O
2:26:58 PM REOR : lol
2:27:03 PM REOR : hahah NO THANKS
2:27:13 PM REOR : lol
2:27:36 PM Chaz Tsai: lazy
2:27:41 PM Chaz Tsai: can’t use your email just to comment
2:27:44 PM Chaz Tsai: and =(
2:28:01 PM REOR : hahah seee
2:28:09 PM REOR : thats horrible
2:28:15 PM REOR : get a new blog
2:28:19 PM REOR : no wonder no one comments!
2:28:22 PM REOR: lol
2:28:28 PM REOR: how come allen’s you can comment without registering?
2:28:48 PM Chaz Tsai: lol
2:28:50 PM Chaz Tsai: i just changed it
2:28:52 PM Chaz Tsai: comment away
2:29:24 PM REOR: no
2:29:31 PM REOR: i dont want to anymore !
2:29:38 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:29:40 PM REOR: i already told you
2:29:43 PM REOR: my comment
2:29:46 PM REOR: gosh
2:29:47 PM Chaz Tsai: so i just wasted
2:29:50 PM REOR: LOL
2:29:53 PM Chaz Tsai: the three mouse clicks
2:29:53 PM REOR: useless!! BAH!
2:29:57 PM Chaz Tsai: to change settings for YOU
2:30:05 PM Chaz Tsai: and now you refuse to comment?!
2:30:44 PM REOR: itll benefit you more
2:30:48 PM REOR: !
2:30:51 PM REOR: now people can comment
2:30:54 PM REOR: shut up
2:30:56 PM REOR: without the pressures of joining a program!
2:31:00 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:31:03 PM Chaz Tsai: joining a program?
2:31:09 PM Chaz Tsai: all you have to do is include name and email
2:31:14 PM REOR: i think my power and influence in creating this new foundddddddddddddddddddddd phenomenon(sp?)  should be a  blogged entry
2:31:24 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:31:28 PM Chaz Tsai: indeed it will be
2:31:37 PM Chaz Tsai: and it’ll be titled
2:31:52 PM Chaz Tsai: “this girl made me waste finger effort for no apparent reason”
2:32:15 PM REOR: 🙂
2:32:21 PM REOR: the power of me
2:32:29 PM REOR: pwhahah

And for some strange reason… never mind I’ll leave this one to you all.

2:02:44 PM REOR : bring some girls
2:02:44 PM REOR : damn it
2:02:45 PM REOR : -_-
2:02:54 PM Chaz Tsai: and for some reason I have a ton of girl friends?
2:02:57 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL
2:03:02 PM REOR : lol
2:03:03 PM REOR : yea.
2:03:07 PM REOR : so hook me up 😀
2:03:15 PM REOR : you can be the one to fulfill my lesbian fantasy
2:03:20 PM Chaz Tsai: LOL

WOW. A little TMI there missy.

Hopefully I’ll live another day to post more random swag up… because I’m sure I’m going to get blasted for this post later on LOL.

Yes. Celtics take it home 4-2. Oh yeaaaaa!

Ended up last night at Yardhouse to watch the Celtics DESTROY the Lakers. 39 points… good fricken game ahahah.


Love this bar.

So yes, Celtics. Paul Pierce… you are my hero.


Gas is a bitch.

NOT EVEN A FULL FRIGGEN TANK! Had I actually paid for the full 22 gallons for my FX… probably would’ve been in the ~110s =(

I may use both a Mac and a PC.. but I absolutely hate Safari and Internet Explorer. Tried using them for a while, but still ended up deleting them both from my hard drives LOL.

Firefox on the other hand, absolutely the best browser available on the web. That is why, I support Firefox 3 and Download Day! Help them set a new Guiness World Record for most downloads in 24 hours!

Download Day 2008

I just updated to Firefox 3, and I must say it’s quite an improvement, both for Mac and PC. Be cool and download!

– Chaz

So after a pretty uneventful, but extremely relaxing weekend, where I actually got some much needed R&R, I felt like I had to go do something before the weekend ended. I searched high and low for something to do, but alas, I came up with nothing… nothing else but EAT of course lol. I ended up calling up Allen and Francis to roll with me down to Gui Rim, and of course they could not refuse. We all packed up into the FX, and rolled down to K-town, where we all seem to spend most of our nights at.

Once arriving there, we were already lucky enough to have found parking right in front of the restaurant, but a second stroke of luck hit us as we didn’t even have to wait for a table. If you’ve gone there before, you’ll know just how big of a deal that is hahah. We started the meal off with a plate of short ribs, brisket, and marinated pork belly, then ordered another plate of ribs, brisket, and my favorite, BEEF TONGUE, about halfway through the first plate. I will say, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a big smile on my face during a meal LOL. Everything was just too good.. way better than I’ve ever had there for some reason. Dip your meat in the sauce of nothing but oil, pepper, and salt, and eat it with some salad or rice, and BAM you’re in heaven. We ended up eating about five plates today. Definitely could’ve done more, but today was just one of those days where you just didn’t want to really get BLOWED up hahah.

Gui Rim!

Place is always hustlin and bustlin with business. Good sign =P

Kimchi is boooooomb.

Francis = master of korean BBQ.

Look at that fatty brisket!

Yea. Be jealous. Beef tongue and marinated boneless short ribs. Drooooool.


If you’ve never gone to Gui Rim before, I highly recommend you try it out the next time you’re in the LA area. You won’t be disappointed. Great service, great food, great prices (16.99 for All You Can Eat!). Plus when you pair the bbq with a few bottles of OB or Hite, and some soju.. that’s a home run in my book.

Gui Rim Korean BBQ Restaurant
3977 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

Go nows!

Till tomorrow everyone.

– Chaz